What happens....

Hi ladies

Don’t have a clue if this is in the right place or not but could anybody tell me what happens at your first appt with breast care nurse after being discharged from oncology.

Joemic x

Hi Joemic


For me, radiotherapy and the radiotherapy breast care nurse took over. I only saw my original breast care nurse because I asked to (appointments with the oncologist aren’t helpful). I went with a list of issues. We talked over practicalities, made sure I was getting support in all the required areas and, at long last, discussed in detail my diagnosis (I’d never wanted to know before). That was hard but she was brilliant, full of common sense.


The mammogram was separate (it came from Breast Imaging Dept) and didn’t involve any discussion. In, slap it on, out again and wait weeks for the results. For me, there was consolation in being a mono boob woman!


With luck, you’ll soon be ‘free.’ Till your next check ups…Good luck x