What is involved in the bone density scan

I am due to go for a bone density scan next Monday the 17th at the Haywood hospital, Stoke-on-trent. How long does the scan last and do they do the whole body I am really confused. 

Takes just a few minutes. I think they just do hips and spine - nothing to it. You have to wait about 4 weeks for the results, in my area anyway, but the scan is a doddle. X

I had one on Monday and it took about 5 minutes! I was weighed and measured them just lay down on a bed for the scan…there’s no tunnel, nothing.The results were given to me there and then.Appt was for 12.30 and I was walking out of the building by 12.50

Hi Saphire, thought I’d add my pennorthworth.  I had a bone density scan when I was halfway through my rads, and like the others said, was weighted, height measured, laid on a comfy bed, no tunnel involved and it was all over and done with in less than 10 minutes.  However,  a couple of weeks ago because I was getting bone pain I was sent for a full body bone scan (different machine). I had to go first thing in the morning and have an injection, go away for 3 hours during which I had to drink 2-3 pints of water.  Thst scan took 25 minutes, but again, comfy bed and no tunnel, all very relaxed, nothing like a scary MRI scan xx

Yes, you’re right Saphire, it did put my mind at rest as Ive been getting bone pain and of course since being diagnosed with BC like most  of us Im constantly worried about every ache and pain.  Results showed normal wear and tear only, nothing sinister detected, huge sigh of relief, however, still getting bone pain, guess it’s arthritis and old age, annoying but at least I’m not worrying me myself silly over it now.  Good luck with your scan xx

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I have been waiting over 4 weeks for bone scan results, does anyone know who I should contact for results the gp knows nothing about it, do I get results through the post I am getting very anxious waiting.


I have just recieved a letter to go for a mamagram is this normal so soon after surgery

Hi all, another update, I have my results of scan The results show I have advanced bone thinning so I am now on more drugs, I have to watch out for any side affects on one of the drugs as there is a 1 in 10 risk of major bleeding with me being on warfarin. The other find was from a blood test my electrolytes are out so have to take extra sodium. My Gp was brilliant he jokeingly asked my husband how much I was worth if it killed me off.  Lol! I was told any side effects, burning in the throat or lots of indigestion to stop them immediately and go to a&e with the pills.  I keep wondering now will this ever end. 


Thanks for listening it helps

Hugs to all


Christine xxxx