What is life like after breast cancer

You are right @nannabee . I have moments of peace gratitude and appreciation even just for really simple things now . And sometimes I feel more alive / feel more intensely if that makes sense . It’s not always like that of course but I worry less about stupid things than I used to ( always been a worrier ) . It was awful at the time but in some ways it’s taught me a lesson . Xx

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Joanne I’m 100% with you on that. All the silly things that “were so important” have been put in their correct place- so what if I can see dust on the table and yet it’s a great feeling the morning I get up and do the dusting without even thinking about it, stupid I know. For the previous couple of years I’d relied heavily on pre-cooked meals, now I get pleasure from cooking from scratch and healthily- my husband is loving that. Even getting caught in the rain last week and arriving home resembling a drowned rat, it was so refreshing and my husband couldn’t understand why I was laughing, although he was glad I’d had the sense to put his newspaper under my coat and kept it dry. I still can’t quite get my head round it all and occasionally think I shouldn’t be this relaxed. Yes I’m struggling with some bits, mainly the side effects of Letrozole, but in the most part I am one very happy bunny. My wish for each and every one of you is that you get to this stage and quickly - life is for living. Joanne sending you big hugs, stay well, stay happy. Lots of love xx