What is life like after breast cancer

I’ve had the surgery (successful), I’ve completed the radiotherapy and I’ve been on Letrozole for three months. There were some pretty horrible side effects on the way but they’ve either eased or I’ve learnt how to manage them. So all in all I’ve come through it to the best place possible. But what is my life like now?

It’s changed, it is so different, I’m looking at the world through different eyes. I’m appreciating the smallest of things, I’m noticing the tiniest flower, the short call of a bird, the pile of clean washing, the tasty meal in front of me. It has made me so grateful. If I’m walking along the street and somebody comes towards me looking glum or down I give them a big smile and a cheerful hello in the hope it will break that glum spell. I am at peace. No I wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody but I would say to anyone starting on this road there are better days ahead and there are so many people here who will walk beside you and hold your hand.

Do I worry about it coming back? Quite honestly I don’t see any point in that, I am going to enjoy every single day and not waste them, none of us know what tomorrow will bring - I could get run over by a bus (think I might stay home tomorrow).

I wish for you all those good days ahead, xxxx


Hi Nannabee

This is lovely to read and your postivity is wonderful. I also understand your view that there is little point in worrying about it coming back. However for some very high risk people on here who continue to undergo quite challenging treatments it can be so very hard to not worry about it coming back. This forum is a safe place to share those worries and so we dont want to discourage that.

Best wishes



Dear Nannabee,

You have made my day, so lovely to read such a positive post, LIFE IS FOR LIVING and you have just written it all in a short note to all those lovely people out there who are struggling so much. I hope they will read it and take a leaf out of your book. I feel you’ve helped them so much.

Keep smiling in the world will smile with you, health and happiness. Going forward my lovely lady.

Hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


Thank you for such a positive message.


From this day forward, I’m going to be more Nannabee! Thank you @nannabee - what a wonderful, positive message xx 🩷💕


@Bookie without this safe and supportive forum I don’t think I could have coped. I owe Breast Cancer Now so much.

Big hug heading your way x


@Tili over the past weeks I’ve read lots of your posts and feel as if I know you. It still surprises me how close I feel to everyone here, I guess it’s true we are sisters (and a few brothers) in this fight. Wishing you good days xx


@diddy1 and @AMWG thank you both.

diddy1 you made me shed a few tears. Stay strong and happy xx




Thank you for this timely reminder, Nannabee :sunny: I must remember to live in the moment :partying_face:


I loved reading your message xxx I also feel similar and have looked at everything differently since my brrast cancer (1.5 years into Letrozole now) As well as all the things I appreciate more, I have also ditched things I realised that i was tolerating before!!
Sometimes I worry that it may come back but refuse to go down that road of thought until i have too. I am also fitter than i have been for years xx


Beautiful post. My sentiments exactly. No point in ruining the present by imagining the future


I loved your post. I remember that feeling of well-being and gratefulness for the care I’d received. My friends became more important and I was more aware of the beautiful and interesting things around me. This was 8 years ago and this feeling has faded, but I try to bring it back. Maybe its a reaction to the anxiety that we experience going through treatment??


Ditto all this for me. I am one year clear and on Letrozole and Verzenio, as you say takes a while to manage the side effects. I know it’s pointless thinking about what may lie ahead … but now I am two weeks away from my first mammogram since the beginning of all this and feeling slightly emosh. I’m never going to be confident enough to say “I’m sure everything will be ok” … I’m pretty certain every year for the next 5 at least I will feel like this. A small price to pay x


You are such a positive person and I completely agree with you. I too had a breast cancer diagnosis last October as a result of a routine mammogram. Thankfully the tumour was small and after a local wide excision surgery with clear margins and no sign in the sentinel node I was very relieved. I then had radiotherapy a few months later in Feb/Mar this year.

At no time did I think negatively - although I was apprehensive waiting for test results etc! Like you I have no onward treatments - just annual mammograms. For this I am grateful and also for life itself. I know that nothing is certain but neither is it for anyone in the world today! So well done you for being so positive. I firmly believe a positive attitude sends messages to your body to be well. Either way your mind is so much more rested. Sending hugs. :heart::heart::heart: