What is STRATTICE reconstruction?

Hi all

Please can someone explain to me what strattice reconstruction is?

I had a tissue expander fitted at the time of mastectomy in Sept. 2008, which was replaced with a permanent implant last June.

Unfortunately, things have not gone well , and alternative recon needs to be considered.
Strattice has been mentioned, but could someone explani what that is exactly?

Many thanks.



I had one of these in September 2010. It is where al the breast tisue has to be taken away and then the surgeon makes an “internal bra” from the strattice and puts in an implant. I had an expander put in at first then a sillicone implant on the exchange in December 2010. The end result is very good. I had this done because I had small boobs and am too thin for the other kinds of reconstructions.

My surgeon has a very good web page about it, if you PM me I can send you a link to it, if you like, it explains it all far better than I ever could.

Stella x

Just pm’d you Stella.