What is your chemo treatment plan?

I started thinking tonight about my treatment plan.

I am 55 - when I was diagnosed I was (and still am) 5ft 4. I weighed 9st 3lb, post menopausal and in good health. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. T3, N1, MO stage 3a.

My treatment plan is chemo before mx. 4 X EC every three weeks - 154mg of Epirubicin and 1040mg of Cyclophosphamide. Followed by 4 X TAX (170mg)

I would be interested to read what your treatment plan has been.

And just for the record - I have finished the EC and done one TAX. Weight has increased by 4lb on a good day and 8 on a bad one (water retention - damn steroids!!)

Hi Supertrouper

42 when diagnosed, just turned 43. Weight 12st something, height 5ft 4in, pre menopausal, good health. Diagnosed with two grade 1 tumours with DCIS, SNB clear but one node with micromet found during mx

Was supposed to have mx, recon and then 5 years tamoxifen, but due to node involvement, chemo & rads to be included too!

Treatment plan is 6 x EC every three weeks - 170mg Epirubicin; 1150mg Cychlophosphamide

Just three days into first chemo

Hi Dizzycloud

How are you finding your first chemo?

Keep a close eye on you temperature as you approach day seven. That is when my neutrophils dropped to 0.01 and I ended up in hospital. After the first EC I was fine for the following three. TAX however, has been a bit more difficult.

first chemo has gone ok so far, but felt pretty spaced out for first two days. No sickness or nausea. Bland tastebuds and dry mouth since yesterday - lovely!. Does the dry mouth and bland taste improve between cycles?. I have ordered a smoothie maker to try and improve my appetite, and am considering making lots of soup

I have been checking my temperature everyday, just so I get in the habit of checking it. My readings pre-chemo were “normal”, so I am hoping I will not drop too far down the scale. I am being very careful though and washing my hands vigilently.

Sincerely hope you don’t end up back in hospital with low neutrophiols again. Tax does sound hard going, I hope your side effects are minimal as they can be xx

Hi, I was 49 when diagnosed, pre-menopausal,grade 3, 19mm IDC, hormone positive, HER2 negative, 2 nodes with micromets,lumpectomy & ANC.
My treatment plan is 6 x FEC or x8 if i tolerate it (gee thanks)then rads & Tamoxifen.
Had first chemo on 16th sept so now on day 18 (i think,lol). Hospitalised last week for 3 days due to Neutropenic Sepsis, neutrophils 0.6,now taking temperature twice a day to check as it was fine in the morning of hosp admission but high that night.
Apart from extreme tiredness, not been too bad so far.

Diagnosed at routine scan in May aged 49. 5ft 3 and 69kgs. Had been sort of menopausal for a few years but they still can’t decide if I’m in or out of it!

Extensive DCIS and invasive tumour - less than 1cm with lymph node biopsy confirming spread. Initially due to have MX and clearance in July but subsequent scan showed spread to liver, lung and spine.

Just finished FEC x 3. (3 weekly) Ended up with 0 neuts after first and hospitalised for 6 nights. Subsequent FEC x2 reduced by 20%. Very sick with lots of mouth problems and unable to eat after first FEC. Weight now down to 59.5kg which is OK as it keeps me within a health BMI (Overweight at 69kgs!)

Due to have TAX x3 (also 3 weekly) starting on Wednesday but neuts today only 0.7 so having more bloods on Wed afternoon and hopefully chemo on Friday.

Biggest problem I had after FEC was constant nausea for the first week and metallic taste for the first 10 days. Also steroid-head where I couldn’t sleep, unable to concentrate and very low in mood. Day 8 onwards is usually a breeze.

Bit worried about TAX although I can cope with pain better than I can cope with nausea! Not sure whether to have a MX or not. I’m keen but onc isn’t. Will ask for referral back to surgeon plus second opinion, assuming mets shrink / vanish. On bisphosphonates for bone mets.

Had liver/lung ultrasound last week. Could find out the results but not sure I want to know! Due to have MRI breast next week to see whats happening.

Keeping my fingers crossed I can have chemo on Friday. I’m 50 on 29th November and if I keep missing chemo, I’ll still be having the damn stuff on my birthday!


oops repeat!

37 yrs old
Dx 16th august - grade3 invasive ductal carcinoma, er+ lymph negative
wle & snb (2cm tumour removed) 1st sep
chemo starting 14th october (3 x FEC 3 x TAX) every 3 weeks
3 weeks rads to follow
5years tamoxifen