What made me happy today

We all have lots of rubbish to deal with, but I thought I’d start a thread for those little things that make us smile. It doesn’t have to be massive, but sometimes it can be good to share life’s small triumphs.

To start off:

What made me smile today was having my first proper bath since surgery on Monday. Just a shallow one, but I was able to wash my hair and clean things that had had to put up with babywipes and a soggy flannel. Heaven!

I did manage to splash the dressings in the bath so I changed them, and I was very impressed with myself for doing so without pulling off the steristrips. And things under the dressings look fine to my untrained eye - rather bruised but no swelling or sore bits, and only a small blue patch left, so I was very happy.

Now lolling on the sofa doing not a great deal until my dinner is ready.

So what’s made YOU happy today?

what made me happy today, well im a bit further along ,im back at work, got a full head of hair, my chemo weight is coming off, very slowly, but I just feel like me again, maybe not as carefree, but afer feeling very fragile and very , very frightened , its good to get a feel of near normal

good luck, take care and pamper your self rotten x

what a wonderful thread!! Im happy because ive just returned from my honeymoon and wedding in Barbados which had been delayed 3 times due to BC and i was really wondering if i would really marry this wonderful man…but i did!!!

smile - its contagious!

hugs to you all


All the wonderful people on this site who despite their own worries and upset STILL manage to think about and support others…xxx Alison


Having good news for once ref this BC cr** & ditto what Alison says, having wonderful people with me on this scary journey doesn’t make it as scary as 1st thought.


I’m with you Choccie on the hair washing - I only did mine on Tuesday morning before my op but knew I’d want to do it again this morning. I was able to shower normally yesterday with an itsy bit of stinging when some water must’ve sneaked under tape, but didn’t have that this morning with shampoo everywhere. That was my first big smile of the day. The rest of my smiles came curtesy of my grandaughters - we looked after the 1yr old all day and she’s just scrummy and the 3yr old was really pleased to see me when I collected her from nursery. Deffo Kodak moments for me.

What made me smile today? My very good friend (and ex-vicar) who’s had BC twice came round for coffee and chocolate biscuits and we had a great chat and a laugh.

She was the first person we told when we suspected what my diagnosis would be and DH and I went to see her in tears and came away laughing, a bottle of wine later.

She should be available on prescription!!!

Jane xxx

…what a lovely thread as I woke up feeling old, fat and depressed this morning but…
laughed at the cats chasing each other, shared an M&S meal with a friend who then changed 2 beds for me and looked at some yellow tulips that a friend gave me the other day.

Let’s keep this thread going. I am no ‘Pollyanna’ but every day I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, more than enough food and wine, a comfortable bed and wonderful friends, B

I’ll echo what a great thread. I was feeling a bit down, only just returned to work last week and things not going as planned with phased return, but have come on here and got some great advice and support from some lovely people on this site who are always there for me.

Also my OH just back from 10 days away on business in China.

Beverley xx

The big triumphs do deserve their own threads, but it’s the little triumphs that should be shared and not wasted.

Another thing that made me happy today was seeing so many other people with things that made them happy!

Oh, and another thing that made me happy was having my first poo since Monday. (Not a big one but at least it shows that things are moving again, or was that TMI?) I’m never touching codeine again!

A friend came round this afternoon and another called unexpectedly whilst she was here. It turned out that they knew each other but hadn’t seen each other for over 10 years. So now I can use my favourite word -serendipity.

Love the thread; thanks for starting it. A good poo makes me happy too.
Walking to fetch my son from school today; with birdsong accompaniment (post chemo I had used car the rest of the week). Chatting with said son on the way home and planning adventures.

Choccie you are a star…you make me smile loads!! x Alison

Choccie you are a star…you make me smile loads!! x Alison

What made me happy today? Reading all your posts for a start, then finding that I had a little more energy than usual and made some lovely bread for tomorrow. Val


Feeling really good today. It might be that my head’s back in the sand but whatever the reason, today feels good. Also cheered up by a very sweet PM from someone who thought she’d offended me - so far from the truth but lovely that she contacted me to make amends. It brings a tear to my eye to “meet” so many lovely caring people on here. Thank you all.

Choccie, your analogies in your posts always amuse me - how do you think of them?


My daugter smiling & happily waving me goodbye after I dropped her off at nursery today - first time out of the house for a week after being very rough on chemo 2

Just heard from my onc - I don’t need an abdo operation and I can restart chemo (first TAX! is that good news?)on Thursday after -7 week gap instead of 3.