What next?

Hi all, Mum had her op to remove the lump she found not long ago today and am just curious what will happen next?

Shes been told she will have to have radiotherapy but what would the results have to say for her to have chemo? Also, what will happen if lymph nodes seem to be cancerous? Sorry im very new to all this and feel like im not really told anything apart from dont worry and we will worry about that if it comes to it.

Thanks to all who reply

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Hi, hope your mum is feeling okay. I think that what happens next depends on the results of your mum’s surgery. The grade and size of lump and whether there is node involvement will dictate the course your mum’s treatment will take, and her age, too. Hopefully she won’t have to wait too long for the results and then the onc will tell her what is recommended. In my case, I’m 49, my tumour was 2.6cm Grade 3 and 10/18 nodes were affected. I had WLE and node clearance, chemo, now rads and tamoxifen. Hormone+ but Her-, this dictates whether you have hormone treatment or something called Herceptin. It’s loads to take in but I’m sure your mum will be fine, she’ll be in good hands. Use these forums as there is so much good advice and support here, it’s really helped me. Good luck, Pat x

Thanks Pat… not sure i understood most of that lol but yeha i hope she will be fine too. Hope you are feeling ok too and hope chemo goes well

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Hi Metalmouth

As well as the support you receive from the other users you may fnd the BCC booklet ‘Treating Breast Cancer’ helpful. It is designed to provide details of different types of breast cancer, the types of surgery available and other treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug therapy. To go to the booklet just follow the link below:-


I hope this is helpful.

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Sam (BCC Facilitator)