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A few years ago I posted the above question and someone kindly gave me a paper to look up from a Doctor who wrote about what happens to you mentally when going through the treatment for breast cancer. My counsin is coming to the end of her treatment and I really think that reading this article would help her, but I can’t for the life of me find the article, can anyone help? (It was a Doctor from over the North east way?)

Hi - the article was written by Dr Peter Harvey and is called ’ After Treatment Finishes’ Not sure the actual link but if you Google this it will get you there
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Hi Topsymo

Thank you for that, I had just been searching through the archives and just found my origional posting. This article is really very, very good and I found that my going to BCC’s 2 day away course and reading this, these things really helped me.

Hi can anyone who has had a hickman line fitted tell me if they had a local anasthetic or full ,not been told to much what to expect i am feeling really nervous about this being done this thurs then 1st chemo starting this fri roll on july when it will be finished thanks all Jane x

Hi Janey,

I had a hickman line fitted 4 years ago. It was def more that a local because i don,t remeber them doing it. A friend of mine didn,t have anaesthetic and she said she wouldn,t advise it as it was quite painful. Having it removed i seem to remember was local and once you have the initial injection, you just feel pulling sensations, no real pain.
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Hi Janey,

I have had 3 of them fitted!!! all by local and sedation but I think they add something else in the mix and you don’t really remember much of what goes on at all. When it comes to removal that mine were just by local anaesthetic to the area. It wasn’t too bad cos they will add more local till you are comfortable. I am one of those awkward b*ggers who needs much more local than normal - always have so the put it on my notes now.


Hi Ladies

Not sure if the link below will work but I found the article mentioned by Dr Peter Harvey its on a website called the ‘Cancer Counselling Trust’ It’s a really really good article about coping after treatment has finished and well worth a read.


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