what now?

so i had bleeding (a few episodes) a while back from one breast went to the clinic the ultrasound showed nothing and they just said if it happens again go back straight away else basically dont bother.
the other day i noticed what looks like a couple of drops of blood in my bra, not much but im kind of like not again, and what now? i wasnt/am not in the area to go to the clinic but it was only like a tiny bit anyway so i know its prob nothing, but i was gonna cancel my follow up appt because nothing had hapnnd and now i dont know, but i expect if they did another scan it would be the same as last time. i guess i just have to wait and see if anything else happns? i mean i have no other symptoms now. :frowning:

Hi Lizzy100

Although, I’m afraid I am not familiar with your symptoms, my advice would be to definitely inform the clinic of the reoccurrence. It maybe that they will perform other investigations/tests? I recently had an ultrasound that didn’t show anything and am now being sent for an MRI scan……‘Better to be safe than sorry!’ – Good luck

thanks twinny, i guess i’ll mention it to my gp when i see her nxt and see what she thinks.