What now???

In Jan I was dx with BC. I had a WLE and full node clearance. Before starting chemo a CT scan showed I also had lung mets. 3 weeks ago during a follow up appt with my breast surgeon he found a lump under the same armpit. He said he was 99% sure it was just scar tissue but to be sure he did a biopsy. Today I got a call from his secretary to say he wanted to see me on Thursday, the day of my next chemo.

As you can imagine I am scared stiff. What could this be now? Has anyone else had a similair experience?

Viv x

Viv, I too was diagnosed in January this year , had lumpectomy and SNB, then mastectomy and full clearence. I had a CT scan prior to masectomy which thankfully was in the main clear but the Scan showed up suspicious lumps (nodes) under my other ‘good’ arm and in my groin. For this reason the consultant took a sample of these nodes out during the Masectomy surgery. I too was convinced it was going to bad news and worried myself sick, however the biopsy came back all clear - We do tend to think the worst and it may not be. fingers crossed for you and be thinking of you on Thursday
Patricia x

Just wanted to wish you well. Sounds like you’ve been having one of those experiences where the news just keeps getting worse. It happened to me too. But eventually there comes a point where it gets better again, and they have reached the bottom of it. Maybe, as Patricia says, this will be it. Let’s hope so.
You just need to focus on getting through to thursday with your sanity intact! Hope you can surround yourself with good people and the right things to keep you occupied. It’s hell waiting for results.
love jacquie xx

Thought I’d give an update.

Had appointment to get results of latest biopsy and had 3rd chemo yesterday. The biopsy came back positive for cancer so I was sent for an ultrasound scan. The palpable lump and 2 others have been found in the same area. My breast surgeon believes it is breast tissue that was in transit during my previous ops, ie not in the first 3cm lump taken out and not in any of the lymph nodes removed during clearance. I will be scanned before my next chemo in 3 weeks and if the lumps have grown the chemo will be paused and they will be removed. If they are the same the chemo will continue and the lumps removed at the end of treatment. Either way the lumps must be removed to determine exactly what they are.

I am in shock. How can this happen so soon after surgery?(only at end of Jan and 2nd at beginning of Feb)

My consultant told me not to lose sleep over it …ha ha ha!!

Viv x

Hi Viv – so sorry to hear about the biopsy results, but your onc sounds on the ball and is expecting the chemo you’re on now to have an impact on the new lumps. Sometimes the cancer just “gets away” without leaving evidence in our lymph nodes – no one can predict the direction of this tricky disease. Hope you’re coping OK with the chemo – take care, and see you soon, Cupcake Girl.
Marilyn x

Hi Viv

So sorry to hear your news. It does sound if your onc is one of the good ones, and although the words ‘dont lose any sleep over it’ sound harsh whatever happens it has been found and they will deal with it.

This whole BC situation seems to lead us from one worry to another, and again you are having to wait to see what happens.

Love and Best wishes


After 4 1/2 hours at the hospital yesterday seeing my onc once and breast surgeon 3x plus repeat of ultrasound on new lumps it was decided that although the lumps hadn’t reduced in size but also had not grown I would just continue with the chemo albeit a change of drug.

Don’t know why but I was really upset I was really hoping they would remove the lumps as I just want the little nasties OUT!!! But I guess they know best.

Had first Tax today and am due for a repeat of a lung CT in 10 days to see what’s going on with the nodes there.

Not a happy bunny!

Viv x