What products do you use during chemo?

Hi! I am starting my first cycle of FEC tomorrow and I’m just wondering what products have you all been using during your own cycles? I’m not really concerned about hair loss but since they have put me on the cold cap I don’t want to use the wrong type of shampoo etc. I bought some Simple shampoo and shower gel, but noticed that there is SLS in the shampoo and I thought we weren’t mean to have sulphates?
What about moisturisers? What has worked for you that you would recommend to us just starting out?

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful

hi good luck with the fec, I use simple products or any without perfume sanex do some good bubble baths and shower gels. Anything that is gentle like a waterbase cleanser for you makeup remover. You’ll find you’ll not be able to face areosol deoderant and any strong perfumes/body sprays. As for moisturiser I got mine from the look good feel better pamper day (ask about it with your nurse and get booked in it’s lovely) but if it’s gentle then it should be fine, a lot of it is trial and error really. x

Hi Nadz

Im using Burts bees baby shampoo on my scalp (&fuzz) though this smells strongly of honey so I dont use if feeling queasy I just use water and if my head is spotty dr organic tea tree soap for a few days.

Im using Jason shower gel now as I was getting through tonnes of simple its so runny Ibgot this off amazon but they sell in Holland and barratt

For body Aveeno (you can get through GP) on body and also bodshop shea body butter i just put either on

Simple moisturiser on face

Changed perfume to one I like but dont love so I dont associate fave smell with being poorly

Hand cream I swap depending on if im upstairs, downstairs or out and about but Dr Organics Manuka Honey, Body Shop Shea butter and Loccitane shea butter

Toothpaste I use cordosyl toothpaste and mouthwash I use cordosyl too

Deodrant I use a pitrock (did before chemo)

My cousin got through chemo using everything she already used and just extra E45 as she simply didnt have the cash to buy the stuff so its a case of if you can do but if you cant dont worry the most important thi g is to get washed and moisturised x

Thanks Jen and duranie! That is all perfect, will have to ask about the pamper day and didn’t even think about make up remover!
Just bought some super soft toothbrushes and have been going thtough all my products, packing away the ones I like the smell off or are too strong for chemo,so I don’t associate them with being ill!