What products safe for dry skin?

Hello! I have always had dry skin but after one year on Tamoxifen it has become even drier… even my eyes are dry and I have to use drops.
Now, after having cancer I became even more aware than before of the harmful ingredients in cosmetics and dropped my trusted moisturizer for “natural” brands… to my horror I discovered some of those still have parabens, but neither those nor another one which seems safer are as good as the one I was using before.
I remember having found a long time ago a site which gave information on makes and ingredients, but can’t remember the name. Any advice would be very helpful!

hi Nikiya - as a staunch advocate of label-reading, I’ve found that organic products are free of parabens. companies such as Organic Surge and Jason are very safe. There is also a company called akamuti (akamuti.co.uk) have lots of nourishing organic ingredients, such as olive oil and shea butter. I’ve used all the above products on post-rad skin with no irritation at all. Good luck!

Have you tried looking into Weleda? They have organic products. X

Hi there,

I was suffering from very dry skin which very easily broke open at the slightest knock or scrape, my doctor gave me Aveeno which can be prescribed by the doctor or bought at the chemis but is quite expensive.
I have much better skin after using it.
Hope this helps.

I use Udderly, fabulous cream and has really done the trick, someone on the forum told me about it and it is brilliant.

Thanks girls! I read about Jason, but also that it is mostly vaseline and remains greasy on the skin. I have also tried the rose oil by Weleda with the same problem. Now I am using “Burt’s bees”, but again, none works as well as Estée Lauder for instance :-((
Will research the other ones mentioned though!!! The point is, I have read many substances “develop” after the product has been manufactured, so it is not only a matter of reading the label… gosh…

Mmm… I have just googled Udderly and it seems to be a body cream…perhaps I should have specified that I am looking for a face mosturizer…

Hi Nikiya

I have been using Clinique’s superdefense mosturiser for dry/very dry skin. It has spf 25 as well and I find it great.

Viv x

hi, DEbenhams have such a good range of products which do not carry parabens. i am working my way through them. at the moment my favourate is neals yard,

best wishes Annie x