What questions do I need to ask?

Hi everyone 

I finally have a date & time confirmed with oncology ( let’s hope they don’t cancel again)

Apart from the obvious like 

What treatments?

How long?

Benefits v risks

Side effects and how to reduce/ minimise?

What should I ask?

I’m probably overthinking but it’s taken ages to get to this point so I want to be as fully informed as possible 

Thank you


I had my first meeting last week and I wrote a huge list of questions for the oncologist but I found he’d answered them all and more before I even read it. They are so used to this they must know what to cover, it took a weight off as I didn’t have to remember to ask anything.

They went through the treatment, side effects, timings and explained why they’d chosen that treatment.

You might want to ask, if they don’t say, what would be the next plan IF this treatment doesn’t work as planned. My doctor explained the other options they might take half way down the line if they needed which gave me more facts.

He explained what to do about my hair, side effect possibilities/percentages and some tips for Chemo day. So maybe as to see the chemo room to know what to bring on the day?

I found it to be a positive meeting and took a huge weight off of me to have the full picture.

I really hope it goes well for you xxx