What questions to ask?

I am ten weeks post op and had a call today to say I will be seeing my chemo nurse on Saturday, then a second call to say I will be starting chemo next Wednesday.


I’ve read so much about the chemo and read what people have said on here, thank goodness for this forum.


I was told I could ask any question on Saturday, but I’m at a loss as to what questions I should be asking. I’ve sorted my hair out already and have black nail water based nail polish, I’m just concerned that there are obviouse questions I will not know about to ask.


I’ve got so frustrated waiting and it be will nearly three months when chemo starts, I have to say, now it’s time to start, I’ve got the chitters.:smileysad:  Sorry, I did not mean to put in the emotional tag, can’t seem to get rid of it. 

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Hi Pinklily

It’s perfectly reasonable not to know what to ask as you’ve never experienced anything like this. I can’t help with medical matters but on a practical note, these are the things that really helped me:

My iPad and earphones. Netflix was a godsend and I binge watched some great shows, it really passed the time as I found I couldn’t concentrate on reading. It was also good to zone out as the chemo unit was busy and a little noisy.
Stock the fridge, having a stash of easy to prepare meals is great. I found soup, porridge, ice cream and rice pudding to be the most palatable. Oh and ready made mash ?

Comfies, I basically wore what I call daytime pyjamas to my chemo sessions. You’re in a chair for several hours and you need to be comfortable.

Lastly, write down things as they occur to you, I found that if I didn’t write it down I completely forgot to ask.

With regard to the chemo, I found it to be very doable and the nurses are great.

Sending hugs
Jacq x

If you’re anything like me you’ll sleep through taxol because of the piriton they give you beforehand to stop allergic reactions. The chemo units are cold but if you are cold capping it’ll be an idea to take something snug to wrap up in. My arm always gets cold with all the liquid going in so a cardigan to cover it is a must. As for your laptop and games you have to consider that you’ll be fairly one handed whatever you take to amuse yourself. I always take my kindle and usually get a fair bit of reading done (before I fall asleep).