What should I take with me?

Hi, I’m going in on Wednesday for my WLE and SNB and I have no idea what to take with me. Do I take in pjs, dressing gown, slippers etc or do we just wear our clothes?

Sorry, it’s a trivial question, I haven’t a clue what to expect. Do we actually have a bed?

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I had the same op in March and I was told to take pyjamas and wash bag just in case you have to stay the night.  I didn’t bother with a dressing gown.


I imagine you are in as a day patient like I was.   I had to go in at 7am and as I was unlucky to be last on the list at about 3 30pm - I had the option of staying the night but I went home at 10pm as they were happy for me to do that.


Some of the ladies on the day ward with me had their ops in the morning and went home in the afternoon so hope you are lucky and have an early op.


You have a bed and wear your clothes until just before you go down for the op so wear something comfy.  Just before your time for op they ask you to put a gown on and some lovely long socks lol.


I hadn’t had an op before and was really worried but I can honestly say it wasn’t half as bad as I expected it to be.


Good luck and anymore questions just ask away


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Hi Murphy,  I took slippers and wash things clean underwear glad I did because they strongly advised to stay over night also good idea to wear a button through blouse home so u dont have put anything over your head so much easier to get dressed. Hope this has been helpful to u. All the best for Wednesday. Sue xxx

There is a thread somewhere in this pudding of a forum, called something like ‘What to take to hospital’ - try the search which (on a laptop screen) is top right just below the Sign Out button. Quite a few comments on personal experience.


The RUH Bath gave me a leaflet which made very clear what they thought I needed to take - and a dressing gown (and slippers) was necessary, wouldn’t have wanted to walk along the corridor in one of those gowns just tied at the back!

Hi Murphy

Here’s a link to the BCC booklet ‘Your operation and recovery’ which you may find helpful:


I think this is the thread mentioned by LuckyLass too:


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Thanks LuckyLass

When I was admitted I was told to take dressing gown and slippers. I was given a little room to wait in. I would suggest you take a book unless someone is waiting with you. I sat for most of the day in my normal clothes until I was asked to change into their gown. You will be measured for special socks which you need to wear for a while and I was given paper knickers as well…even though my op was late in the day I was still allowed to go home at 10 30pm. Please do not worry too much it will be over very quickly. Hope all goes well and you have a soeedy recovery.love and good wishesxx

Hi there. I have still to find the clue to all these abbreviations so I am not sure what you are having done…but I think all hospitals are very different .  My experience was sitting on an upright hospital arm chair in a room with 15 other patients waiting for operations of various sorts for 6 hours as everyone gradually went off for their surgery.  I was the last remaining person at 4 o’ clock waiting for a mastectomy, the time having shifted to later and later as I waited.  I was asked to get changed into a gown about one and a half hours before my op.


I wanted to spend a night in hospital as I live on my own and this did happen.


I am only writing this because I had a shock and I think everyone should be prepared for anything regarding pre-op care.  I have heard such varying experiences.


Take something comfortable and comforting and I wish you well.



Hi Jenji

This link to the BCC glossary of terms may help:


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Good luck for Wed …I’d never had an op so had to remove my makeup and nail & toe varnish so either go “bare” or take stuff with you. I had a bed and after the op was in the day ward from 4pm to 10pm. Also I left a pillow in the car too and was so glad of it on the journey home as even though hubby drove slowly every bump hurt …holding the pillow across chest really helped xx