What size breasts?

Hi all. I was a 32 FF before mastectomy, and I’m now close to having reconstruction. What size do I go for? Do they say ‘you’ll have a C cup’ or something? That’s the only question I keep forgetting to ask my consultant. Any advice??

Hi Tammy,
You don’t say what kind of reconstruction you are having, and that will have an impact on size. As I had an immediate LD flap recon without implant there were physical limits on what they could achieve. The best they could hope for was “a good C” - I was DD before surgery. I am now ona waiting list for symmetry surgery to reduce my larger breast, though I was offered the option lipo-sculpting to increase the size of the recon.

I suspect there will always be some pracitcal constraints, but your team should be able to explain to you what your options might be. Hope all goes well and you get a fantastic new breast!