What song reminds you of your first love or first kiss ?

I recall back in about 1966 a boy joined my school and he - along with his family - were what we used ‘Service Children’ in other words, his dad was in one of the armed forces so they moved around quite a lot.

He was called Ian…can’t recall his last name, but the song at the time of us ‘getting together’ aged about 13-years-old was ‘Dedicated to the one I love’ by The Mamas and Papas.

Every time I hear that tune, I think of him.

What’s yours?


OMW not really sure, I do recall having a slow dance at a friends birthday party, think I was about 12.

It was The Bangles Eternal Flame awwwwww

Mine wasn’t a song, it was cider! ha ha

can’t remember a song, but remember the time
in high school, I was so deeply in love wth this young man Mike
he was shy, although excelled in basketball and sports, but with girls just shy shy shy
we went to a Fall high school dance together
and we were young enough that neither of us drove
so he walked me home
and in the middle of the school yard
with the moon shining on us as we talked
he turned and kissed me right there under the stars
it was rivetingly sweet
and we continued walking till he said
“let’s go back”
and we went back to the start of the school yard
so he could kiss me again

innocence itself really

so that’s my first kiss…

My first kiss was by the coalhouse in the curates backyard after a choir meeting!The song though was Its Almost Tomorrow which was the slow dance at the youth club the previous Sunday,I may be wrong about he song.It was 1959 and I was 15.as was he.His name was Ian.

Not remotely romantic the song was Black Betty by Ram Jam [?], but then the song that reminds me of those header early days with OH is Motorcycle Emptiness by The Manic Street Preachers so dont really do slushy stuff that much!!

I was with my 1st love from the age of 15 for 3 years. I had known him since I was 7 years old as we lived on the same street, opposite houses in fact! (we haaaaated each other as young kids so getting together was totally unexpected!)

The song that reminds me of him is UB40’s Don’t Break My Heart. I was (and still am) a big UB40 lover and everytime me and him had a fallout I used to put the song on really loud!! Young love eh?!!

Im 38 now and have grown out of playing songs after an argument im glad to say!!! :o)

not quite what was asked for but i used to LOVE

band of gold - by Freda Payne

They used to play it EVERY WEEK before Saturday morning pictures - it was just soooooo exciting having it belting out waiting for the film to start …

even now I get all excited when I hear it!
love FB xx