What things should I be asking?

Hi, I’m new here, 50 and had my first routine mammogram, which came back unclear. Called back and had another mammogram then ultrasound and the consultant still wasn’t sure so took 3 needle biopsies.
I think it was a thickening they saw and he said he was thinking clearer mammogram / ultrasound would show it to be … (Can’t recall what he said) which looks like cancer but isn’t, but he still couldn’t tell so hence the biopsies.
I get the results tomorrow, totally bricking it, but trying to keep positive and know that it can be beaten if it is the worst.
So what can I expect tomorrow? Also if it is cancer what should I be asking tomorrow?

Hi there and welcome, although of course I realise you’d rather not be on here at all!

The fact that they were not sure during the various tests is a good sign that all could be well so hang on to that if you can. However, should the biopsy results show something of concern then they will already have a treament plan in place to dicusss with you tomorrow. No doubt you have lots of questions for them and it’s a good idea to write them all down and also take someone with you to act as a second pair of ears as whatever they say (good or bad) you will be in a fog at this point so you will not take anything in. I was in a similar position in Feb last year and my own questions were: If it isn’t cancer then what is it and what if anything needs to done about it? If it is cancer then what type of cancer is it and what grade is it? What happens next and when? They should give you a tick list of the planned treatment but may also arrange further tests depending on your particular situation. For example, I was told I would need an MRI first before they could give a definative diagnosis. 

I will have my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow and whatever the outcome please know that it can and will be sorted out for you one way or another.  Take care and do let us know how you get on.  Sue xx

Hi, sorry you are having to go this this awful waiting time to find out for definite, tomorrow if you don’t get the all clear they will be able to tell you a bit about what type and grade of cancer it is and your possible treatment plan, I say possible as once they have done either a lumpectomy or mastectomy things can change when they have the full picture , here’s hoping you won’t need to worry about all of this but if you do then you will be well looked after and it’s very treatable, please let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

Thank you Susu for your quick reply. I didn’t even think that way as in they still weren’t sure at the ultrasounds etc. So will they have that much information re type and grade just after needle biopsies?

thanks Jobey68
Also, I should mention they checked with the ultrasound under my arm and it was all clear so I know that’s good, but does that mean it’s definitely not in my lymph nodes? Sorry I really don’t have a clue about all this! I also can’t feel any lumps and neither could the doctor when she examined me.

The ultrasound on lymph nodes is about 75% accurate but gives them a pretty good idea of whats there or not, my US was clear and after they tested my nodes they were fine X

Thanks everyone, feeling a wee bit better about it all. Actually on holiday this week but only a few hours from home so getting up early tomorrow, drop kid off at school then me and my husband will go to appointment then head back after school, hopefully to a happy holiday!

Also how long do these appointments usually last? Husband trying to plan around some work

Well it is lobular breast cancer it measures 11mm so quite small I think? To get MRI next Thursday and will then also talk to surgeons re surgery. They only mentioned radiotherapy not chemo but I guess it’s because they dont know enough yet? No grading yet. Just terrified it has spread but going to try out it at the back of my mind as can’t change it and fed up already of the waiting taking over my life. So heading to get some shopping now, husband away to do some work (self employed) then we will head back down to our holiday lodge for the rest of the week after picking up son from school.
I’ll no doubt be on through the week with more questions!!

What does the MRI check? All of your body or just your breasts?
How likely is it to have spread to the likes of bones? If it has, is this life threatening?
As it is so small - 11mms does this mean it is more likely to be grade 1 or is size ni indication of grade?
So far I’m not worrying if it is the way it is just now - just a small tumour, but I am worried that I’m being a bit too positive!!