What tickles your taste buds?

I finished chemo a few weeks ago and I am so pleased that my taste has eventually come back. I was thinking the other day of some of the things I went completely off and could not eat at all and some of the things I ate which I would not normally eat at all, so I thought I would share these with you and see what yours were too, this is by no means a complete list.

Went off Things I ate, which I usually don’t
Diet Coke Cheese
Hummous Cauliflower cheese
Curries (anything spicey) Bitter Lemon
Olives White Coffee
Black Coffee fruit cake
Meat sausages (low fat)
fruit/veg homemade oven chips
salad biscuits
fish Jacket pot with baked beans
garlic sweets

So what was your poison?


This has jumbled itself up as I had done 2 nice columns!!! The first one are the things I went off the second the things I fancied more. Don’t think it makes sense

Went off
Diet Coke
Curries (anything spicey)
Black Coffee

Things I ate, which I usually don’t
Cauliflower cheese
Bitter Lemon
White Coffee
fruit cake
sausages (low fat)
homemade oven chips
Jacket pot with baked beans

Try again!!!


I pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to the opinion of my mouth on what I eat, and continue to eat much as before - substituting fruit, bran & green tea for butter and coffee - in the serene confidence that ‘mama knows best’. Seriously. I was a chef for 20 years - I can mentally ‘taste’ combinations even without eating them. And that’s what I do if something tastes seriously odd. I know how it should taste - and that’s what I focus on. Having said that - I don’t have the passion I used to have for good tomatoes. So I’m a bit of a liar. But I eat them nonetheless.

I DO wish people wouldn’t bring up these thought-provoking threads that make me take a square look at things I’ve been brushing under the mat. I want to put a lot more salt on food. I’m eating my way through the jars of Vegemite (the ‘superior’ Australian version of marmite) that people bring me in benighted Finland, thinking I miss it. The sell-by dates are last century some of them. I eat it anyway. I don’t like water anymore and make a couple of litres of iced white tea with fresh ginger & manuka honey which I get through daily. I don’t like things which are ‘gluey’ - cheese, potatoes, pasta, that sort of thing - and shouldn’t eat anything sharp like toast, for obvious reasons. But I do, anyway. Mama knows best.

emella. That’s really interesting.
My sense of smell and stomach are in agreement but my taste buds act like it’s not what they expected if that makes sense.

I’ve just gone my the smell as that’s normal but heightened to me.

Have you tried adding lots of pepper instead of salt. I’ve been fooling people with that for years :wink:

Hi Sarah, for some unknown reason when I was having chemo I would hanker after eating home baking. I haven’t baked since my children were young and their in their 30’s now. Sometimes although I could hardly move I just had to bake a fruit loaf or lemon meringue pie. Very strange. Now I’ve finished chemo I don’t think about eating them.