what to ask?

i see my onc this morning for my bone scan results,
what info should i be asking for , can i get a printed report with scan pics? not sure what to ask for all i know is i have secondary in my lungs sotted they said but not how many or how big, what should i ask to get a clear pic?
i too am gonna ask about cyberknife but i know every case is diff and some will benifit and some wont , just wanna knw if im in the section that could benifit from it
kaz xxx

Hi Kaz
I am really sorry for your recent diagnosis of secondary cancer and I wish i could help but i have not long been diagnosed myself and i am just waiting for my chemo to start. I saw on your profile that your tumor was tiny and it is so frightening that it has spread as you must have found it early. Had it spread to your lymph nodes at diagnosis? You mentioned spread to blood vessels - my path report mentioned vascular invasion also so i am really concerned.
I hope it goes well for you today and i will be thinking of you.I hope you don’t mind me asking questions.
Take care
Lv Melx

hi mel, course i dont mind,
i found lump and yes tiny docs couldnt even feel it but had biopsy came back grade 3 which is aggressive they did a lumpectomy and nodes clearance but because the margins were not clear they did a ct scan to see if it was anywhere else which app it wasnt and they adviced mastectomy which i had a few weeks later , had chemo for 6 month and rads for more preventative measure as far as they were concerned it was gone but here i am just 4 months after treatment and its back in lungs, cant believe after all that treatment it is back so soon, i was suprised they didnt do a scan at end of my treatment really!
every case is so so diff so try not to compare yourself cos everyone is individual and what happens to one doesnt mean will happen to someone else, so chin up xxx
kaz x


I’m so sorry to hear your news. I was following your other thread before the forums went down, and was wondering how you were, and remember we are always here to support each other.

Take Care.


bone scan clear!!!

Congratulations Kaz I am so pleased for you, what now?

Yeh !!
Fantastic news - so pleased for you and many thanks for answering my questions.
Take care xx

hi kaz i am sorry bout your lung secondaries but happy bout your bone scan i only finished chemo 3 wks go but half way through it got local recurrence,confirmed lst wk and am now awaiting scans but am sure i have secondaries because of how i feel so i didnt even get through chemo without this s***** disease coming back please let us know what your onc has planned cos am wishing you all the best love rachel x

im on tablet form chemo at moment twice a day for 2 weeks then 1 weeks break, think i have a few cycles then get scanned see if grown, shrunk or stayed same
kaz x

well i am hoping that this really works well for you :)x

let me knw what happens with u rachel when do u get your results?
kaz x

have scans next week then go back 10 days after just seems a long wait x

kaz are you triple neg ?x

no er+ her-