What to ask?



After finding a lump 3 weeks ago I was seen at the breast clinic today. long story short I saw the consultant who said things do not look great. 


I am back at the clinic on Friday for the results and encoraged to come armed with questions. I know this sounds silly but I haven’t a clue what to ask. It would be great to know what questions any of you asked or wish you had asked so I that can get an idea of what to expect over the next few weeks or months.


I genuinely wasn’t expecting this and feel horrendously underprepared and would hate to walk out of that appointment knowing so very little about my fate.


Thanking you all in advace for anything you are able to share or advise me with. 

Hi chops ??did you have a biopsy taken today? ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi Choops,

I take it you’re going back for the biopsy results to confirm whether or not it’s bc & that they have indicated that it might be?

Do take someone with you, who can be another pair of ears & make notes, as it can be hard to take things in initially. 

IF bc is confirmed, then they will take you through the findings, in my case, the size, type & grade & that it was er+ (hormone positive). 

Things tend to move quite fast, so do ask about the next stage & what further investigations are needed to finalise the treatment plan. 

You would normally have a breast care nurse or bcn allocated to you, who will take you through the diagnosis & plan & also be a point of contact. 

There is lots of infomation on the main bcc site here & loads of support from all of us here. 

Do let us know how you get on. 

ann x


you should get a breast nurse take you through everything after results. Mine was lovely, as others say we’re all here going through it with you and at different stages to help, I get my results tomoz and then I’ll know my treatment plan xxx?