What to do before radiotherapy?

Hi Ladies, i start 18 sessions of radiotherapy on 8th July ,i am taking Anastrozole (i think thats how its spelt),when i went to be marked up for the radiotherapy i asked if there was anything i could do before treatment begins, to help,they sad no,but i’m sure i’ve read on this forum that it helps if you use E45 or something beforehand ,Has anyone got any tips please? Love Ellies x

Hi Ellies


I’ve just finished 15 rads a couple of weeks ago.


I creamed for a couple of weeks before I started, I used aqueous cream but some use E45 also.


Not sure if it helped but I didn’t burn with rads, was a bit sore towards the end but skin held up pretty good.


I think it is worth doing - it did also help my op scars.


Good luck


Jaye x

Hi Ellies, I also moisturised, particularly my scars, with bio oil as that’s what bcn advised for scars. I had to switch to acqueous cream during rads.  Also keeping up with the exercises is a good idea.  I didn’t and got a stiff shoulder towards the end, so wished I had!  Make sure you have some dark coloured bras as they use marker pen on you every day (to write over the tatoos so they can see them clearly) and it rubs off on your clothes.  At my planning session they also gave me a list with some ‘safe’ deodorants on it.  You are not supposed to shave underarms during rads (but I did at the weekends because I was sure I had smelly pits).  If you are going to be exposed to the sun when travelling there you might want to think about what tops you will wear.  I got a square of ‘sunburn’, the corner which peeked out of my v-necks you wouldn’t want that to be exposed to the sun this time of year. Elaine

Lots of cream before rad and 100% cotton shirts during the treatments. I’m on the 11th session now and so far no burn :slight_smile:
Good luck