What to do with all the mx bras etc

I’m now post treatments, reconstructions etc etc and having a clear out of all the stuff relating to BC such as MX bras/inserts/swimwear/wigs/hair pieces etc. My husband wanted me to throw everything in the bin but I wondered if there wasn’t something more constructive to do with it such as giving it to a charity or recycling in some way. I know that some women find it hard to afford wigs and bras and it would be nice if any of these items could be redirected to help them in some way. Any ideas would be welcome.


Hi Jan,
Not sure if it would be feesable but maby donate to your hospital . That way they might be able to give them to someone in need.
It would be great if there were somewhere to donate because i don’t know about you but i certainly know of women who found it hard to afford a lot of these items. Good luck whatever you do.
Maj xx

i am also wondering what to do with my 2 wigs?

as you i dont want to throw them out, so i think i will ask at my hospital next week,
incase they can have them to help someone else.

kimi x

ebay! while donating is probably best, i look on ebay for bras as i cant afford new ones. ive not been able to afford a decent wig either (or justify the xpense, especially as i might not like wearing it). i know ebay is a hassle though, and donation probably ensures they go to the most needy. the main thing is please, please dont just throw them away!

I donated all my things to an overseas charity, through my hospital, it does not matter what colour prostithis or wigs as long as they are in reasonable condition. I also gave my normal bras to them, maybe you could check with your BN, she would know.


I asked our nursing team about this, and they had these suggestions:

There are a few organisations that will send prostheses, mastectomy bras and lymphoedema garments overseas.

There is also a charity that washes and conditions used wigs and offers then for sale in the UK with a donation from the sales going to support the Maggie’s centres. http://www.wigbank.com/ 01350 7280300

Hospices of Hope send donated prostheses, mastectomy bras and other clothing items to Romania for women who have had a mastectomy.
Contact: Hospices of Hope 01959 524 322 www.hospicesofhope.co.uk

Breast Cancer Care has also been contacted by individuals who collect unwanted prostheses to send to women in Nigeria and lymphoedema garments to women in India. Please contact us via our Ask the Nurse service so that we can send contact details for these private individuals.