What to expect at first appointment

Got my 1st appontment at the hospital tomorrow which is exactly 2 wks since seeing my GP after finding a small lump in my breast.  All I know is I have to take a list of meds to the appt.  Will they do a scan tomorrow or will I just be getting checked over.  Any ideas?

Hi Claire, what generally happens is you will have a physical check up with a breast surgeon then a mammogram and ultra sound, they are very thorough and aim to try and give you an answer on the day, not always possible if you need a biopsy which will be a week or so wait for results, it can be quite over whelming but they look after you well and try to do their best to get you away on the day with a clear picture of what’s happening if they can, wishing you all the best and please let us know how you get on Xx Jo