What to expect at GP appointment?

I found a small, hard, painless lump in my right breast around 2 months ago. Assuming it was just hormones I ignored it until last week. I was aware that it was still there but was relatively unconcerned (perhaps naively) as I am only 21 and I believe (from what I have read) that the chances of breast cancer at my age are relatively low. Last week I noticed that it was still there and decided it was probably best to book a GP appointment. The appointment is this Friday and since I’ve booked it it has been all I can think about. I have no idea what to expect, if they will examine my breast on that day and if they do can they tell just from feeling it or if I will get further tests? I know i’m just overthinking this but I can’t seem to help it. Apologies for the massive rant.

Hi Katie,

your GP will examine you and probably ask family history questions. If he or she is concerned they will refer you to the breast clinic and yo will have further tests usually mammogram and ultrasound and biopsy if there is an are of concern. You are very young so the likelihood is that it’s nothing but better to get it checked out.

good luck

Claire xx

Thank you. Had the appointment today, been referred to the breast clinic as a precaution but GP thinks it’s nothing to worry about.

That sounds promising do come back and let us know how you got on at the breast clinic.


Amanda x

Thanks Amanda. Waiting for the appointment to come through is driving me mad. I know that I am classed as non urgent and it’s not even been a week but I’d just love confirmation that it is just a benign lump. Can’t even find a timescale for how long it will take to get the appointment online (I live in Scotland and non urgent cases seem to be a bit of a grey area) although I’m probably just looking in the wrong place. I feel like a fraud even posting on this forum because there are women on here going though horrible things and i’m whining about a teeny lump which is probably nothing anyway. I’m just a bit worried and don’t feel like I can talk to anyone.

Well my appointment was in England and it was from something they saw on a routine mammogram, so different in two ways! Hopefully it might come next week and you won’t be kept waiting too long after that.


You should not feel a fraud for worrying at all, although it is likely that it isn’t anything sinister, until you get told that, you are bound to worry! The waiting for appointments and results is absolutely nerve racking and dominates your thoughts for a lot of the time. Just keep busy with other stuff as much as you can but don’t fret when you do have a session of dwelling on to, it’s very normal and to be expected, none of like the unknown when it comes to out health.


Let us know when you get the appointment and if you need to know what is likey to happen at the clinic, although that should be outlined in your letter.


Amanda x

Still waiting for an appointment. Been 3 weeks now. Just want this all over with so I can stop worrying.

I have recently been to my gp appointment. They asked me to remove my clothes lie down on the bed and the doctor pressed my breast to feel my lump. Once she had felt it she made some notes on the computer to send me for a refferal to the breast clinic. She asked about family history, where i have plans for having children at the present time and medication i was on. It was not has scary as i thought so i am sure you be fine .

Hi Katie, it might be worth phoning your GP to make sure they contacted the breast clinic. It could be they marked you as non urgent but even if it is a while, you could do with a date!


The waiting is torture and you tend to work yourself up and imagine all sort of scary things! I do hope you will hear something soon!


Amanda x

Thanks again for replying Amanda. It’s always nice to have a bit of reassurance that I’m not just being crazy! Phoned the breast clinic appointment line last week and they have advised that it can be up to 12 weeks for
non urgent appointment. Since the referral was only received on the 3rd of March I’ve got fair bit of waiting to do but I feel relieved to at least have a timescale for an appointment now.