What to expect from MRI scan

Hello All. I’m looking for advice really on what to expect from an MRI scan. I’ve been newly diagnosed with BC being told I have a 5mm invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 2. Havent done too much reading on this at the moment as I know it’ll scare me.

I didn’t feel any lumps. I went to my gp due to having an ongoing aching pain at the side of my left breast. I had skin cancer 5 years ago which was easily sorted as it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes. After this I then had a cyst form near to my scarring.  I was told the aching pain would possibly be with me for years due to the two surgeries And the nerve ending damage.

Anyway I wasn’t happy so put my foot down so they referred me to the breast clinic. They don’t think my pain is connected though at this stage and the lump was just found by chance. Glad I went really.

When they found the lump in my initial appointment she said my lymph nodes looked fine when she did the ultrasound. Im worried the mri scan will show up something else. The consultant said he didn’t expect there to be anything else. It was just routine. 

As my lump is quite small, if there was something found on the mri do you think it would also be small or could it be larger? I’m a bit unsure what this mri will show compared to the mammogram? 

Sorry to ramble on. I’m right at the beginning of all this uncertainty. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. 

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Ive not had MRI in relation to breast cancer but have had them in relation other conditions . Hopefully others will be along to offer advice .
5mm is a very small cancer - hopefully your scan will show nothing more - have they explained why they are doing a scan i? 

Hi there. The MRI gives the gest picture of what’s going on. They may want to do a contrast dye during the scan. Its a bit odd but doesn’t hurt. (Felt like I needed to pee, but then soon went)

This helps to view any abnormalities, and will hopefully give you peace of mind.

MRI’s don’t hurt but it’s not pleasant either. Hopefully you will have ear defenders or head phones. It’s just all noise!

The waiting drives us insane, but try and distract yourself as much as you can. 

Jack b