What to take to hospital

After reading everyone’s positive stories it has really helped me come to a decision of going for the Diep surgery same time as mastectomy. Hopefully seeing the surgeon next week.

Any tips on what I should ask him? 

Also it would be really good to know if anyone has any tips on what to take to hospital aside from the usual toiletries PJ’s etc. What kind of bra and size should I buy as I knw the new breast is going to be smaller.


Sorry you haven’t had a reply yet . I haven’t had this type of surgery ( I believe you will be in hospital for a number of days ?) but I  have had a number of other surgeries that led me to spend time in hospital .

I would suggest an emergency portable  phone charger so you can charge up your phone without having to ask a nurse to plug it in for you , headphones for the tv if they have bedside ones in your hospital , an iPad with pre downloaded films etc , earplugs as hospital is very noisy , wet wipes to give your face/ hands a freshen up and dry shampoo if it’s going to be a while before you can shower .Also a little bit of change for the WRVS trolley that comes round in some hospitals .

Good luck Jill x

I took one or two front loading bras in my usual size 34 b quite difficult to find but i got one on eBay in an online auction. One came from amoena and one was from M & S. They are sports bras. The best one is the one that’s not padded. It’s just cotton/Lycra mix with some hooks and eyes up the front. The reconstructed bosom is much bigger than my other one but as the bra is stretchy without padding, it’s perfect for both. Also the only colour they had was white with pink flower design which was much nicer in the operating theatre and afterwards than some more obvious mastectomy bra. 

As I got an infection I was advised against wearing a heavier style of front loading bra. So mine was cheap and cheerful. I think you should try and fit it to your existing bosom and go for a front opening bra because they have to check your diep every hour on the first night of surgery to make sure the blood supply is working. This means you will have a very disturbed night’s sleep that night. I was so Adrenalin filled I was awake all the time. The night after that I was knackered