What to wear Post mastectomy

I am one week post mastectomy without reconstruction and am not feeling very confident when chosing what to wear. I have only got a “softie” at the minute and am feeling very self conscious, i realise it is early days yet but was wondering what other people wear. I have bought some cardigans and some scarves to try and distract from my chest.
Thanks x

HI Megsmum, its a tricky time isn’t it…so much going on, with emotions and physical recovery and then your clothes don’t fit…
I guess my post MX clothing journey went somthing like this- when I was only wearing the softie at the begining I wore lots of scarves and baggy tops to hide shape. then when i got my prosthesis and realised I needed to alter my necklines a bit I bought some lingerie tape so that I didn’t have to chuck out some old favourites, just stuck tops to bra straps or me! Then I discoverd some lovely comfy and attractive bras, by getting fitted at john lewis by a woman who had had a mx herself…this really helped me start to get used to my new body. and I went back to prosthesis place and got a reduced weight prosthesis - I am fairly large breast size so it was important to get it right…

I am two years on now and know how to shop for what suits . I am also pretty relaxed about my prosthesis now …friends have got used to coming across it all over the house, wherever I have been when I decided enough for the day and just took it off!

Go easy on yourself, it took me a while to adjust, wear what makes you feel comfortable and be glad its the winter!!
all the best Nicola

Hi megsmum

You may find the BCC publication in this link helpful as it talks about what to wear
after surgery;


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Hi Megsmum,

I had MTX in November and so far I’m just wearing M&S bras. I got my prosthesis 2 weeks ago which is easier as heavier than softie, so it does not ride up as much. I didn’t wear a bra very much at beginning, I didn’t find it comfortable; I just wore baggy jumpers and scarfs.

Now I wear proisthesis all the time ( except when playing golf, it gets in the way of my swing!! LOL!!). I also have found M&S camisoles with lace at the top really useful. x2 for £12, all sorts of colours and they mean I can wear lower necklined tops that I otherwise couldn’t. It can be a pain, but it gets easier.


I was at a fashion show for Positively Pink in Newcastle in October. There was a mastectomy fashion company called Belovely Designs who took part. They had some really pretty tops and dresses with high necklines and built in bra support with pockets. I’d not seen anything like this before. It was good to see what they looked like on ‘real’ ladies - they looked really nice.