What to wear?

Hi all

Sorry , more questions to ask i am afraid.

Had LD flap last week. Can’t wear a bra at all at the moment, as my back is sore.

Can anyone suggest what i can where when i am out?
Obviously i have one breast which needs supporting, but the other side is just a flat mass of skin and muscle, awaiting an implant.

I have tried looking for camisole type tops or vests with built in support, but can’t find anything suitable.

I don’t want to spend alot of money as i am hoping this is just a temporary measure until i can wear a bra with a prothesis again.

Naz x

Hi Naz

I had the LD flap, and I was fine with sports bras - you can get them with a really broad band under the bust so that they don’t dig in. I was fitted with a Triumph Triaction while I was in hosp and was told to wear it 24/7.

Did it hurt your back?

This is my problem at the mo…anything on the back area hurts.

Naz x

Not at all - make sure that it fits snugly. Not too tight, but so that it won’t move about.

Hope it works for you.

Hi NAZ, just to concur witrh DJ - I was told sports bra 24/7 for 6 weeks. You can get bra strap extenders on Ebay quite cheaply (pack of three for about £2) which can help ease across the back. Also, I sometimes put a couple of tissues round the edge of the bra strap to pad it a bit.

It will get better given time.

Thanks RevCat

I will see what PS says on Monday when i see him.
I can’t imagine wearing a sports bra for that length of time, but i definitely need to be wearing something for when i am out and about.

Hope it settles soon!

Hi Naz,
I wore sports bras at night and soft M and S bras (one band size up from normalto allow for the swelling. I have a vertical scar (to be hidden in a backless swimsuit) and the portion of scar under the bra area healed a lot flatter than that outside it. I wondered if the pressure helped achieve a flatter scar?


I haven’t had recon but had Mx followed by rads. I was so sore for a bit that I couldn’t wear a bra. My radiotherapy nurse gave me a dressing which was a bit like tubi grip but thinner. I wore it like a ‘boob tube’ and made little straps to keep it up. I was able to use my softie under the dressing. It wasn’t ideal but it was comfortable and got my through the sore times.

Hope you’re feeling comfortable soon xx

Thanks everyone

I did manage to borrow a couple of vest tops with built in support for this week.

Seeing PS tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to wear a bra next week.

Naz x

Hi Naz,

Have just seen your thread - good luck with the PS tomorrow!

Glad you’ve been able to borrow a couple of vest tops with support to wear this next week.

However, looking at Lucy x’s experience with the thin tubigrip stuff from her bc nurse, made me think of the following idea. I know it’s a very basic idea, but how about if you took a well fitting t shirt in your size (not a baggy one) and just cut it acoss the chest area from about the bottom of the armholes and then say about 6" down, to make a band of material 6" deep. You could fasten some ribbon or similar to make yourself a little top thingie, similar to what Lucy mentions. If it’s not quite close fitting enough to hold a softie in place, you could pin the softie inside, with a safety pin.

Don’t know if that’d work, or whether it’s not one of my better suggestions!!! :slight_smile:

Take care anyway Naz!

Much love,
Shelley xxx

Hi Shelley

Sounds like a good idea to me!

I am hoping that Mr plastics man says, go ahead and wear a bra. Then i can see what bras are comfy, and which are not!

I have to say, vest tops with support have been a godsend this week, not sure what i would have worn otherwise.

How are you Shelley - where are you up to?

Naz xxx

Back in a bra now, with Mr Softie for company!

Should be okay now, until the implant goes in!

Hi Naz, oh… am really glad for you!

I’m doing fine in myself, but I have a tiny blemish on my scar line, so bcn has made me an appt for Wednesday at the clinic. Not too worried about it, but best to get it checked out. It’s a year on the 15th October since my surgery, so I’m due my annual check up anyway.

I’ve just come back from a fantastic adventure holiday - white water rafting and zip lining, so it’s given me a huge amount of confdence about my body, and about “moving forward”.

U take care, n hope things feel a lot better for you now you’ve got your bra and that nice Mr Softie in place. Lol!

With much love,
Shelley xxx