What treatment!!

hi, I found a lump in right breast 8 weeks ago, 8 weeks before 50th birthday?. I was provisionally graded as 2, consultant does not talk about stage!.. I had a mastectomy 4 weeks ago, have results with consultant this week… however I am a nurse practitioner and work at my own doctors… I have seen my results, grade 3 not in lymph, er+ HER2-, so waiting on next step… and appt with oncologist, even if Oncotype low, my feelings  at the min is I want chemo, in case there is a cell that has not been seen… to blast it with everything, so it doesn’t come back… 


I have seemed to have lost any rational thinking and feel lost… 


any thoughts would be welcome… 


How very reassuring that a medical professional feels as lost and muddled as the rest of us! Very very natural, as I think you’ll see from other posts. I think the first advice I would give is to stay busy. You can’t alter the diagnosis, it is what it is. You can , however, change how you approach your diagnosis. You can get yourself physically and emotionally fit for the journey ahead of you. You can be more active, change your diet, practice mindfulness and meditation. You know from this forum how many have gone through treatment and are here to tell the tale. Reach out to those groups who can support you such as Maggies Centre, Macmillan and your own practice professionals. I wish you well for the journey ahead. Let us know how you get on. X

Ginge26, can’t help ‘technically’, sorry hun, but fully empathise with the emotions.

First thing I said after “the news” was could they remove both breasts asap? Reassured that was ‘a bit extreme in the circumstances’. Totally get where you are coming from. X 

Hi ginge26,

PM me? We have a lot in common x

Hi Ginge

I am an occupational health nurse attented a one stop breast clinic on 14/12/20 thought I had a cyst no they biopsed it turned out to be 37mm lump behind right nipple er positive and her positive 3 nodes affected

Feb 2020 had diagnostic mammogram breast clinic NHS told I was perimenopausal and had fibrocystic breast condition 

However I had an horrible feeling something was wrong with me from the summer Im totally devasted ive got BUPA so landed on chemo chair on the 13/01/2020 had two sessions last week cancelled due to taxol 

a;;ergy ive googled till my fingers are sore back on wednesday to have the toxic waste pumped into me

I know how good herceptan is but pls anyone out there with some advise i really need it

westieruth x