what was the name?

Can anyone tell me the name of the health thingies that a couple of people advised to improve energy and also I think to help with the aches and pains from the hormone therapy? I think they were a bit expensive but might consider them.My joint pains weren’t too bad.for the first couple of months but get really bad now in my ankles and hips particularly…feel I can hardly walk sometimes.I get rather frustrated to say the least when my body is screaming at me to quit and I can’t do what I want to do.I managed to find a nice job and am back working roughly 17 hours a week mostly cleaning which is pretty physical but manageable, aches and pains aside.By Friday lunchtime I am practically crawling and have to push myself to go out at weekends.Just finished in a new play and managed 3 rehearsal evenings a week over the last few weeks plus everything with my dad getting ill and then dying so quite proud of what I achieved but these damn creaky joints!..

Does no one remember? They were tablets you could get on a health site about £30 that people were recommending for energy following cancer.I can’t find the thread any more:(

Hi I’m also trying to find the thread, as I wish I’d made a note. That said, speak with your doctors again. When I came off anastrazole, the joint pain and fatigue went within days. I’m now taking Exmestane and so far so good - although only a week in. I’ll keep looking too xx

I read that thread … was it acetyl cysteine or L-carnitine?  I might have jotted it down somewhere, I’ll have a look for you. x

L wotsit definitely rings a bell.thank you xx

Treeless the other one just popped into my head in the bath! Alpha lipoic acid. Memory is a funny old thing after chemo. x

Treeless…loving that name! :slight_smile: Thanks Bibi, you’re a sweetheart.x

I’ve just had a good giggle at “Treeless” too Treeze, Ha Ha Haaaa. Thanks for the laugh Bibi!!

Just popped on to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

DingDongDelly xxxxxx