What were you first symptoms? Did you have pain?

I hear a lot of people say ‘’‘theres no pain with BC’’ However these are people that havent had BC!! My friend had stabbing pains and a lump and now has stage 3 BC, so im wondering could you tell me , did you have pain in your breasts/ underarm before you were diagnosed?

I had a painful lump close to the skin that got me to go to see gp - ended up being diagnosed with 3cm tumor at stage 2 and grade 3

Yes had pain for over year underarms I thought it was hormones I had stage 3 triple neg with 9 cancerous nodes

I had a lump in my left breast that was hard it started to show redness which concerned me and lead me to the GP. On the 12th August 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and on the 4th September 2015 had my first chemotherapy.

I didn’t have pain, but for years Id had a pricking/ itching sensation (not sure if connected). I only discovered the lump after I went to a cheap store that had poor stocking of sports bras: I noticed after the 3rd time back when they finally had my size and caught site of the lump (puckering): I hadn’t noticed otherwise but I do wonder if my insistence on a new bra was a reaction to subconscious discomfort. 

Interesting, my cat would chew all my bras but not my housemates. I offered her my bra recently and she’s totally dissinterested, so pay attention to your animals: I think they often know. 

I never had any pain but funnily enough I had been to GP as I had eczema type skin on the same breast that the tumour was in. I eventually went after finding a lump near my armpit. Turned out to be Stage 3 breast cancer. Have now finished treatment apart from taking an oestrogen suppressent to stop it coming back. xxx

Hi I’m 44 and found a lump in May of this year. I had tingling in my breast which felt weird and was a bit sore. When all comes to all I was told it was B.C… I’ve never been as deviated in all my life. The plan was to have the turmour removed followed by radiotherapy as I was told it was a grade 2. Then realising it had spread into my lymph nodes I had a full clearance but was told now it was a grade 3 n the cancer was 1.7cm. I then started chemo and have my 5th one tomorrow and last one on the 26th. I have got 4 kids n need to beat this for all of us. My youngest are 12 year old twins. I suppose your friend is scared same as everyone els. So many people are different with symptoms but I’ve met some really special ladies on the way n we seem to pull each of us through. X I hope your friend is ok x

I have pain in both my breasts but more in my right breast, it’s a tingling, prickly sensation and at times it makes me want to pull my breast off as its so u comfortable. My GP confirmed I had thickening on my right breast and enlarged nodules and has referred me to a breast clinic for further tests, still waiting for the appointment and the waiting it really worrying me x

i had pain  . pain and hotness the pain be so bad i had to cup my breast if i bent foward i could put my right arm up above my head with out pain.   all along i was not checked but told it was mastitis. i was given  different painkillers before i started on tramadoll mix with paractmal . this was all before i knew it was breast cancer . yet also in the timescale from when the surgeroy said the cancer started in my breast. :womanembarrassed: 

Hello everyone. Initially I did not have not have any pain, but noticed the lump first. It was 6cm in diameter so was big enough to see when I looked in the mirror, but within a week I was in a lot of pain I think mainly due to the size and the way it was distorting my breast shape. Amazingly the chemo shrank it to half its original size and the pain stopped. It meant I was able to have a local wide excision rather than mastectomy. I now have lymphoedema though and the pain is quite similar in a way -a heavy achy pain.

Love Amero xxx

I have not been diagnosed. I can’t get anyone to listen to me. I have had pain under my armpit and in my left breast with swelling. I first noticed the pain Aug 18. It was a sharp shooting pain from my armpit into my breast. I would grasp it until it stopped as it would come and go. I had a mammogram Oct 30, but did not tell them about the pain. The mammogram was normal. I have now had a persistent pain under my arm with swelling for at least 6 weeks if not longer. The pain spread across my chest a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to urgent care and was admitted for heart tests which all came back normal. I have been back to the ER 3 times in a week and a half with severe chest pain. They prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication which has not helped. My family doctor prescribed pain pills. A doctor at the ER told me to tell my doctor I needed to have a biopsy of the swollen tissue under my arm. I told him and he shrugged it off and gave me pain pills. That was 4 days ago. I am in so much pain even with all the medication. Please someone give me some advice. My mom had breast cancer. She passed away. She had a painless lump. Has anyone had pain in chest and especially underarm pain?

Hi I recently been to the docs as I felt like a thicken lump on my left boob went Docs and she felt it straight away and has sent me for a mamongram on 4th Dec. I also keep havin some kind of crampy dull achy pain shooting down my boob and every1 keeps telling me well that’s ok then bc doesn’t hurt .but how do they know I know ppl are trying to no me feel better but it boob doesn’t hurt for nothing xx

I have an appointment with an oncologist December 6. My doctor finally decided to refer me. My pain on a scale of 1-10 is 20. Mainly my armpit and above my breasts. I am taking all sorts of medications for it and nothing is touching the pain. I’m not sure I can last another week but I have no choice.


I have just gone through treatment for bc at 43. I was receiving annual mammograms due to quite a strong family history on my mothers side. Unfortunately the mammogram didn’t show my 45mm tumour. I think I’m younger breasts they aren’t so great at picking them up due to dense breast tissue. I discovered it because my mother in law was diagnosed with bc and I thought “I will have a good feel just to be sure” and unfortunately I found quite a large lump! I’m answer to your question there had definitely been tenderness in that area, to the point when my husband hugged me it kind of hurt, I would say “ouch!” But didn’t think much of it. Of course now in hindsight I do think the tenderness and pain was related to the bc. 

I hope your friend is ok xx 

Hi I’ve been recently diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. I went to my GP with pain in both breasts. This pain has been constant now for about 3 months. No one has said it’s directly to do with my cancer but I don’t believe it’s a coincidence x