What were your signs or symptoms for secondaries or reoccurance !!

Hi just wondering what are the signs or symptoms to look for if you worry you have secondaries or reoccurance. I know everyone will be diffrent but it would help to know what alerted you!! Rozita x

Hi rozita. I developed niggly cough last june but had routine chest xray last aug (while admitted to local hosp as an emergency overnight for something else unrelated) which no-one reported back to me on ward so assumed all was ok. Then in may this year while still coughing brought up small amount blood in saliva. Saw gp who sent me for xray and found 2 shadows 5cm and 2.5cm in right lung! When I questioned how they had got there so quick, after having “clear” xray in aug, I was given the added blow that the August xray actually showed 2 small shadows then but had failed to be reported on!!
I have big investigation underway at the mo with that health board…its not the one I am under for my treatment thankfully.
So always make sure u check out any new symptoms.
Love bev xxxx ?

Hi Rozita my secondaries first appeared in my rib. There was sudden sharp pain that went on for a few weeks then settled but kept recurring and some swelling on that rib also tender to touch. X


I got dx of breast cancer in May this year and initial ct scan confirmed lung mets in June. I didn’t have any symptoms and still don’t, in fact if it wasn’t for feeling a bit under the weather for a couple of days every 3 weeks due to chemo I would say I feel as fit and well as before the diagnosis, although perhaps not as emotionally well! I guess what I am saying is I am sure you will be having regular scans so try not to worry, easier said than done I know.