What will they tell me today?

Hi ladies,

Had my mastectomy and recon last Monday to remove my 2.2 cm lump (it was under my nipple so no choice re mastectomy) and to remove some lymph nodes for examination. Get my results this afternoon and dressings/woulds checked etc and just wondering - what will today tell me?

The surgeon is obviously not an oncologist but presumably will be able to tell me whether my lymph nodes were involved and what grade etc the lump was but I am wondering - will he be able to tell me whether I will need further treatment or not? And if so what treatment? Will an oncologist have looked at the results and advised the surgeon what to tell me - ie I need to be referred to him to come up with a treatment plan?

Hi Ostrich,

I am sure all centres differ but I am sure your consultant will give you an idea whether or not your nodes are affected and whether you need chemo or rads.Some centres have a multi-disiplinary meeting where they discuss patients and all involved agree on the treatment required.Although you will get an appt for an onc if you need chemo and rads.
Ask the Dr to note down your pathology so you can ask questions on here after.I didn’t remember anything mine said except “no chemo or rads” I had to ask all my questions at my next appt!
Fingers crossed for you today,come back and let us know how you get on.
Good luck

Hi Ostrich…I went through exactly the same scenario last weekend.

I was seen by the BCN after my case was discussed at the weekly MDM. She gave me the path results, i.e., size, grade, lymph node involvement and she then discussed the results with me. She had already made an appointment for the Oncologist (I had chosen the one I wanted previously) and she gave me an idea of what further treatment she would likely suggest.

Good luck for this afternoon. I found the whole experience a bit of a reality check as I sailed through my surgery and was on a bit of a high, so I didn’t really get to ask the questions I probably should have,

Thanks ladies, will let you know how I get on later, x

my surgeon told me about the size and grade of my tumors and also that my lymphs were clear, he also gave me an idea of what the onc might suggest next but also pointed out that oncs like to disagree and do something different, which he did :wink:

Hi Ostrich

How did you get on, are you OK


Was wondering the same…back later - though I know the day can totally knock you out.


Sorry, been celebrating with a glass of cava!!! Grade 1, 18 mms (not the 22 initially thought), 9 lymph nodes taken and micro matestisis (is that right?) in one of them, being referred to onocologist for chemo for belt and braces!

I was very much a belt and braces chemo, as no nodes involved but larger tumour than thought. don’t know your age but i had epi and cmf. You will cope, and you know we are here for you to get you through it. Hey just one glass of cava?? So controlled, it was my birthday 2nd passed now its 12.20am and the 3rd, drank a bottle of wine, ok tonight but will regret it tomorrow.and going away the weekend.

Take Care

One glass of cava followed 3 glasses of posh merlot!!! (normally a white wine lady but was v nice). I am 39 so not sure about other treatments just awaiting appt with oncologist now. Hope you had a good birthday Liverbird and didn’t suffer too much the next day (I was fine but then I am often a bottle a night girl (eek)) and had a good weekend away!