What would you do?

Hi all

For once my query is not linked to BC!!!

I have been diagnosed with gall stones a while ago, and have been told that my op
is booked in for next friday. I have to go for my assessment next wednesday.

Here’s my problem… I am flying off to Lanzarote mid december (really need the break) and have been told by my insurance company that I am not covered for gallstones as I was on a waiting list, not that I want to cancel.
The thing is would you have the op and by 8 weeks I should be ok to fly etc, or would you delay it until after I come back?
I did get Blood clots on my lungs when I had mastectomy (jan 07) and they have told me that they will thin my blood whilst in theatre to TRY and prevent it happening again.

I know I can ask these questions next week, but wondered if anyone had some story similar(if that possible).

Take care


Hi Angie,
I had my gallbladder removed in april and 5 weeks later went to Marbella, as far as I was concerned it was perfect timing and I think that 8 weeks shouldn’t be a problem. Having said that I’ve never had any complications from any of my surgeries (and I’ve had a lot), but I think as long as your surgeon doesn’t have a problem with it it should be just what you need.
Hope this helps.
Claire x

Just to say i had my kidney removed due to cancerous tumour on 8th August. Surgeon said i could fly after 6 weeks
which i did, to Palma. Just back after a 2 week cruise on the med which i have to say was fab.
Saying that, i have had no compications from any surgery like Claire.
I agree that it is wise to have your surgeon and medical team give you the go ahead.
Good luck with your decision, and enjoy your holiday should you decide to go.

You could try to get insurance from one of the companies that specialises in pre-existing conditions (don’t you just hate that phrase!) I got cover from Allclear and I thought their premium was very reasonable.
Good Luck xx

Hi ladies
Thanks for your replies.
Had a chat with OH last night, and think everything hinges on next wednesday.
If they say its my choice about flying, then I think I am going to delay the op.
If they say its ok then I will ask for it in writing.

I’ve put up with the pain for over a year now, what difference will a couple of months make???

Take care