Whats going on with my Eyebrows?

I finished Chemo approx 6 weeks ago, I kept my hair due to using cold cap, my eyebrow and lashes also hung in there to the bitter end, (only i could notice the thinning)

But the past few weeks, my eyebrows have thinned so much more, and my bottom eyelashes are now virtually non existent.

I started Tamoxifen about 12 days ago, (only just as i was typing wondered if they were linked? maybe i should check this out)

has anyone got any advice or has this happened to anyone else?

Many thanks

Gill x

I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes on taxotere 5 years ago. My lashes came back sparsely but I still have no eyebrows. I think that is quite rare though.

Thanks for replying Horace, they survived the taxotere and its after finishing they’re leaving me. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens


Hi there, I lots all my hair everywhere and eyelashes on FEC-T two years ago - I am only now getting eyebrows back - I also take tamox…
cheers N

Thanks for your post moorcow. This is something I worry about (along with everything else) but usually feel reluctant to post about it as it feels v shallow and unimportant compared to the bigger picture. But you have given me a bit of hope! I finished chemotherapy Feb 2011 and herceptin end Jan 2012. Eyelashes not too bad but not like they were, but eyebrows pretty terrible. If yours are just growing back after 2 years perhaps I’ve still got time. Don’t want to go down route of tattoos, think they can sometimes look worse. I wear Benefit Brow Zing sometimes but not every day.

I also lost eyebrows and eyelashes during chemo summer 2010. They have returned but not as plentiful (but maybe I just think they were more full before!!). My eyebrows are thin but I am of the generation that plucked them to death in my youth so they didn’t stand a chance really. I try to use an eyebrow pencil to fill them out without drawing them in too much. I know losing my eyelashes I found to be worst than losing my hair! On a plus point I don’t have to shave under my arms or my legs anywhere near as often! We are funny creatures really…


i finished my FEC in start of 2010. my eyebrows ae back now, (took a while),but they arent as strong as before.

before BC i had my eye brows shaped every 3 weeks, now i can last about 8-10 weeks.

Hi Gill13

I finished 3 FEC followed by 3 docetaxel at the end of Sept 2011. My eyelashes and eyebrows stayed with me throughout FEC but threw the towel in when I went on to Docetaxel. They are growing back now but still not as plentiful as pre-chemo. I use some eye-shadow on my brows to give definition and my eyelashes still look short and stumpy so I use a felt-tip liquid liner to define my eyes instead of mascara. My opthamologist said that 7 months post-chemo is not long really in the great scheme of things as both eyebrows and eyelashes are the slowest growing hairs of all.

Looks like we need to be patient for much longer than we thought on this one I’m afraid. Shame that the same can’t be said for leg-hair!!!

Hi gill… I’m having the same problem… My lashes and brows thinned during the tax and carbo but it’s now 10 weeks since my last chemo and I now have no bottom lashes on the left and only 3 on the right and very sparse top ones… I lose eyelashes and eyebrow hairs every day.

However I also lost all my arm hairs just in the last two or three weeks as well… They too thinned a bit during chemo but the last few weeks they have just all fallen out.

And wish my nose hairs would come back quickly too.

When I had chemo the last time I lost all my lashes about halfway through but the grew back long and thick and healthy like they had been before.


I finished chemo 2.5 years ago and my eyebrows grew back but not fully and have since thinned. I’ve got a couple of gaps in my eyelashes too where the lashes never returned but only I can notice. My Arm hair never grew back. Luckily the hair on my head is very thick, thicker than before.

I was looking at how thin my mum’s eyebrows are now and I think it might be to do with lack of oestrogen. I’ve been on tamoxifen for 2.5 years but gone into early menopause recently. I’ve notice in the last couple of months they’ve thinned so much.

I decided to use more make up on them and it must look better because someone asked me if I’d had botox!
Elinda x