Hi all, was dx 18 mths ago, I used these forums loads at the begining then tailed off a little, but do read other posts quite often.

I seem to have had it all, chemo, mx, rads, zoladex followed by overy removal, herceptin, femara, and finally most recently ld recon, 10 days to go before next op on good side for good measure! My problem is that I feel worse now then I did when on active chemo etc. My sleep pattern is out of sinc, Im constantly tired - to a point where I do half an hours house work and then need a sleep. I have two young kids so I have to keep going but when the weekend comes Im too tired to do anything. I seem to have pains everywhere at the mo, I have already self diagnosed myself with bone mets caused by aches and pains in arms, legs and ribs. Also brain mets as I feel dizzy, and kidney cancer from pains in my side (realistically probably coming from the overy removal). To top it all off one of my friends who started on this journey a few months before me has now been diagnosed with secondies. (only found this out a couple of days ago - was already self diagnosing before this news)

I have a really good social life - which I know is part of my problem but part of me knows I should be taking it easy and the other wants to live as much as I can - I do however realise that I cannot continue to ‘burn the candle at both ends’ but why should I have to stop, its not fair, im only 37.

Dont really know what Im asking for here ladies, just needed to let it out to folk that just ‘know’

Thought I was ‘getting on’ with life and now im not so good. Ps, im off work until Jan from my recon, I want to go back (only do 20 hours a week) but what am I gonna do when I need a sleep!


Hi Ness,

I’m not as far down the line as you but I have had the same frustration over the last 2 weeks. I finished chemo in August and felt quite well for a while. Until the weather turned cold. Now I’m constantly tired and every joint in my body hurts. Like you, my imagination is in overdrive most of the time but my common sense tells me it’s probably due to my decrepit body’s reaction to the cold.

Hope you feel better soon. If not, it might help to talk to one of the nurses on the helpline about your symptoms. They won’t dismiss you as neurotic (the way GPs tend to) and they can be quite reassuring.

Jan xx

hi Jan, thanks for youre comments. I have since spoken to the nurse who comes to give me my Herceptin, and she has really put my mind at rest…for now anyway!
Cheers again ness. xx