whats going on?

I went for i think my 3rd mammogram in October, when I was having the ultrasound after I caught sight of the screen. There are dark shadows around the bottom of the right breast, after this was finished I was sent back to the clinic and saw the consultant again who came through to me, mumbled nothing to concern you yet! and out he went. Ive worried on and off, so I went to my GP April and told her what id clearly seen and what the Consultant had said. She pulled up the report on the computer and told me that changes had been found but it wasn’t to be worried over, as it had been decided that these changes weren’t malignant, no further biopsy’s nothing yet this decision was made. I told the GP I wasn’t very confident in the way they were so positive the changes were nothing.
Then out of nowhere Saturday morning I received an appointment to go for yet another mammogram on the 22nd June. this has myself and my hubby confused and worried. Ive so had enough of the amount of concerns mammograms ive had over this past 3 years, I had my first mammogram around 6 years ago for the exact same reason I had my last done .Ive also noticed a weird type of rash on both breasts and no matter what I apply its getting gradually slightly worse, Im starting to think they don’t know what THEY ARE DOING, I WONDER IF I SHOULD ASK IF HAVING A DOUBLKE MASETOMY WOULD BE BEST IN MY CASE??? ANY ADVICE GUIDANCE I WOULD APPRFECIATE IT.

Hi Caz67,

I’m sorry you haven’t received a response to your post yet. I’m sure someone will be along shortly to offer their support. In the meantime you may find it helpful to talk with one of our specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000 or you could post in the Ask Our Nurses section of the Forum. 

All the best,

Helena at Breast Cancer Care