Whats.... Happening?

Hi Ladies

I was reading through different posts yesterday and felt very sad.
Not a good day.

I cannot believe how many women, men are effected by this disease,especially young women with young families like myself.

I dont know the answer,but surely these medical people must know something it seems to be getting more common.


Lesley, I know just how you feel. Sometimes I have to stay off here for a few days as I get so, so upset by what I read. I was diagnosed eight months ago, with a nine month old baby, and never imagined for a minute that it could happen to me.

I have made some amazing friends on here though, and I know that there is always someone to talk to.

Hope you have a better day today : )

She xx

I think that although bc is much more common in over 55s the membership of forums is weighted towards younger women so the balance seems different from reality.I did ask my onc about this a couple of years ago though and he did say he seemed to be seeing more and more under 50s.I only know of a handful of over 65s on the two sites I read yet I know they are in the majority.I will be 66 in March.I know of only 1 over 70 on the forums but I may be wrong.

It does seem that more young women are getting this disease. When I think back, years ago it always seemed BC affected older women. However, maybe I wonder if it’s because years ago this is a subject people would not have spoken about. I remember when my aunty was very ill, I would have been about 10 years old at the time and it was all kept very hush hush. It was the women in the family who did the hospital visiting and it was spoken about in very hushed tones. It was pretty much the same when another aunty had a hysterectomy. She was my mum’s youngest sister and I would be despatched to do housework for her after she got out of hospital. I was only ever told she’d had a “big operation”. This is going back nearly 40 years.

The lady next door to me is 80 and she told me that when she was young woman she remembers ladies who had big, swollen arms. It wasn’t until years on she knew they had been suffering from lymphodema due to having had mastectomies.

personally i think its the increased use of the contraceptive pill and also hrt over the last 20 years or so

I seem to be middle ground, I was 50 when diagnosed last november, I certainly don’t feel old, or act it for that matter but they say 50 is the age to start checking re mammograms so am I youngish or oldish…