What's in a name?

My daughter is expecting our 1st grandchild around Christmas and I haven’t decided what I would like to be called by the baby. I don’t want to be a ‘Nanny’ or the usual Granny variations so wondered if any of you can come up with a suitable alternative please.
All suggestions welcome

Sorry about terrible typos, (been in the woods in the JM too long )

Oh Congrats Mazzalou!! Being a grandparent is a wonderful thing - when you are a parent, you cant imagine a greater love, but when you become a grandparent you know there is xxx
I am proud to be known as Nanna or Nanny or Nan to my granchildren even though I was a relatively youthful 42 when my first grandchild was born, but each to their own, and some times 'grandmother in a differnet language sounds better to some people… the Arabic is something like Bibi (Im sure someone wikl correct me if I am wrong) or if you have a fond family nickname this might be a good alternative.

So pleased for your wonderful news, enjoy xxx

I am a grandma - and I am also 42.
It’s great fun being a grandma you will love it. And the best thing is this summer I will have a second one!!!
Whatever you are called this child/person will call it you all their lives so make sure it’s OK for a adult to use.
Congratulations and have fun!!!

My lovely and very good friend Freda who, although she’s 67 is the most youthful and glamorous grandma I know, is known as Freda-ma by her grandsons. :slight_smile:

My friend is called ‘Glam Ma’ and her OH is ‘Grumpy’
Always makes me smile!

I am called Nanny Beth but my mother in law is called Tangy. My daughter couldn’t say granny! 28 years later ,6 grandchildren all call her by that name…she loves it.
What ever you decide…enjoy x