What's it like living with secondaries? "A Day in the Life"

Are you worried about bc returning? Even if it does, life goes on…

I have occasionally seen people making a comment that they don’t look at Secondaries posts on these forums. That’s understandable, we’re here for support and encouragement, and we all know that there are sad and angry times, whether we have “only” primary bc, or mets.

But I recommend that you look at the new section of this website “A day in the life” (of people with secondary bc) and read some of the stories already submitted. There are people who work, people with dogs, etc. in fact, many who have adjusted to living with cancer and are willing to tell their stories.

In 2006, When I was diagnosed with bone mets 3 weeks after primary, stories such as these gave me hope.

There is also a booklet that can be ordered from BCC publications. I just got an acknowledgement of my order:
"Thank you for pre-ordering your free copy of ‘A day in the life: shining a spotlight on secondary breast cancer’. We’re producing this limited edition booklet to mark Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day 2012, which takes place on 13 October, and you should receive your copy in the next few weeks. If you’re living with secondary breast cancer, please share a day in your life and help raise awareness of the issues facing the thousands of people living with a secondary diagnosis in the UK. Visit Secondary. Not Second Rate. | Breast Cancer Now You can also find out about the free information and support we offer to anyone affected by secondary breast cancer. If you’d like to help us campaign for improved standards of care, please find out more at Search Results | Breast Cancer Now "

Thank you BCC! I hope someone from the BCC secondary team will notice this post and add any links I’ve missed.

Thanks Mrsblue. I think you’ve got the most important link in there, which is breastcancercare.org.uk/secondary - you can get to everything from there.

Hope you like the booklet when it drops on your doorstep.

Mrs Blue,
I found reading the stories a great help. Thank you.

Funnily enough I read the stories this morning and also notice the 2dary bc awareness day coming up. Great! As I think that more publicity may mean better understanding, more pressure on medical world to treat actively etc.
21 months on from finishing my treatment for primary, bc is never far from my thoughts. Just trying to be realistic. Thank you for posting.