Wheatgrass and other diet tips to beat breast cancer (TNBC)?

Hi All,


I am 36, going through chemo FEC-T, radio after that. I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer, grade 3, stage 1b, 14mm total. I’ve been on a mission trying to understand the desease and possible diet and foods that can help our bodies to fight against it and avoid recurrence. My questions:


  • Has anyone tried wheatgrass juices? Opnions whether it is worth it or not? I just started having daily shots of 30ml but not sure whether it is just hype?


  • Has anyone else embarked in a new diet/foods, lifestyle, etc. to fight and avoid cancer? If so, what have you adopted to your life and thoughts?


Thanks so much! There are so many different diets out there and I was wondering what other people on similar situation are doing. My oncologist is completely useless in that respect so unfortunately I can’t talk to my medical team about it. 


Thanks All!



Hi Ingrid,
my diet is pants. I never eat fruit and only eat carrots in general. But since being diagnosed I’ve decided to take diet really seriously. Today I went in to the village and bought some leeks, carrots chicken ham and small potatoes and made a soup. I usually go for convenience. I also ate a satsuma. This is a small victory for me as I am really bad at being healthy. My friend gave me an article about what foods to eat when you are diagnosed with cancer. A mushroom every day, cruciferous vegetables, an apple a day, kale and spinach. I have never been bothered so much about my diet but feel I really need to make changes to help my recovery. I think I may need to concentrate on making soups. I do better when I can’t see chunks of veg do may get myself a blender.
I haven’t heard of wheatgrass juice.
I have an invasive ductal carcinoma, 2:2cm. I am having surgery on Wednesday so am making changes as soon as possible.
Good luck to you.
Sonya xx