Wheatgrass, supplements and exercise questions....

Hi there, I started my 4 x 3 weekly AC chemo 11 days ago, and just have some general questions re supplements etc. I live in the UAE and have been given absolutely zero information for dos and don’ts while getting treatment. It was only that a friend mentioned not being allowed green tea that I started to wonder if I’m doing the right thing? I am currently taking wheatgrass tablets x 5 a day and have been for a few months now, I also take high potency probiotics and I juice every morning for breakfast (greens, mainly veg). Has anyone out there been told that this isn’t advisable? Or indeed been told anything about wheatgrass? I’ve googled and from what I can see it’s ok to take, I really don’t want to jeapordise the treatment but like the idea that the wheatgrass may aid the side effects somewhat…
The other thing is exercise, I’ve got people telling me not to ‘overdo’ it… Pre surgery and chemo I was very fit and exercised every day, well I haven’t really stopped that but I have moderated but now I’m 8 weeks post op theoretically I can restart the strength training etc… Since the first chemo I’ve ran 5k 3 times and today I went back to my spin class… This has got to be good right? Is there any reason why I have to ‘not push myself’? I am very good at listening to my body and if I need to rest I really will but at the moment I feel strong… Is that very abnormal after starting chemo?

Thanks for any thoughts you want to throw at me :slight_smile:

Hi mummytodolly,

Wow! I take my hat off to you - re all of your exercise! I’m afraid I don’t know any specifics re the items you listed, but wanted to reply. I have heard that in general, ladies on chemo should follow roughly a pregnancy diet, use only trusted fast food outlets and keep away from salad bars. I’ve been drinking green tea - didn’t know it wasn’t allowed! I think depend on who/where you ask, there is a lot of advice out there! Anything I’m not sure about, I save to ask my oncologist. I know of other ladies who have asked about supplements whilst on chemo and generally they say no - but I think it depends entirely on wht they are- can you ask your doctor?
On my monthly thread, there is a lady living abroad and one piece of advice she wasn’t told, which is really drummed into us in the UK is to monitor our temperatures. Anything over 35.5, we have to call our unit for advice as it could be a sign of an infection.

I think another common one to avoid is swimming and some body massages and to avoid people with colds, flu, sniffles, etc.
As for exercise, it’s as you say - listening to your body so you’ll know when you’ve had enough.
Good luck.with everything x x

Hi, I have been given a booklet regarding do’s and don’ts during chemo. I’m afraid probiotics should be avoided along with live/bio yoghurts and yoghurt drinks, other foods to avoid are blue veined cheese,soft cheeses,shellfish pâté, homemade mayonnaise mousses and soufflés, raw meat and fish and homemade ice cream. Hope this helps x