when can i go on holiday?

Hi Girls im about to have my 4th lot of chemo next week,iv got to have 6 lots so a few more months yet but we so despertly want to have a short holiday to spain around dec/jan does anyone know how long after last lot of chemo before you can fly? i have rung my travel insurance up and told them about it all and been told im now not covered by them for the breast cancer,how nice! any advice be great thanks LYNNE

Hi Lynne,
I had a short holiday abroad during chemo and then went away 2 weeks after last lot so you should be fine going Dec/Jan. If you are holidaying in Spain the E111 will cover you for medical care should you need it - hopefully not! Hope you manage to get away and have a wonderful time x

Hi Lynne

I also travelled abroad and also flew internally throughout Chemo. I think it depends on where you want to go - my Onc said no to Egypt!! But he let me go to Europe (well I told him I was going so fate accomply really!). He gave me a supply of anti biotics incase I developed a temperature, as a sign of infection, while away - which I never did. I also went to Spain two weeks after radiotherapy - my GP prescribed factor 50 sunblock to put on my pink boob.

As regards insurance, I have an annual insurance with GetMy - but again they do not cover you for existing breast cancer. Apply on line for the European Health Insurance Card before you go.

Happy holidays! xxx

Hi Lynne,

I went to Greece 2 weeks after my final chemo and everything was fine. Just make sure you rest when you feel tired, I was amazed at how much energy I had. Travel Insurance through my bank would cover me for anything other than related to the bc. Happy holidays and good luck with the rest of your treatment you are almost there! x

been on the phone for the past hour to travel companies one quoted over £200 by one but the best is INSURANCE WITH 0845 2307159 they quoted me £28.22 to cover BC!!


I finished chemo on the 20th September and flew to Spain on the 25th, had antibiotics from the hospital,factor 50 sunscreen,insurance but not covered for B.C and a the E111 thingy.

It was scarey thinking i’d get ill but thought it was worth the risk as it was only europe. We flew easyjet and requested a wheelchair at the airport there and back which helped alot. Had a bit of a dodgy tummy (which i always get abroad)towards the end of the holiday but for one week in the sunshine it was more than worth it.

I nearly cried the monday(my chemo day) I was sat on a beach and not in a hospital waiting room…bliss

oh thank you for all the positive replys,really looking forward to sitting on a beach myself,getting tired of feeling low so its great to have something to look forward to. thank you girls x