When can I have my port taken out?


I have my last FEC on Tuesday and yesterday I had my onc appointment. I aksed when I could have the port removed and he said 6 to 8 weeks after last chemo - why so long? I can’t wait to get rid of it as it has never fully settled, is still bruised and is a bit sore (nothing major).

For those who have been through it, how long after chemo did you have the port out? Did you have to wait until after rads?

Jayne x

If you’re to have Herceptin they usually leave the port in till you at least get started on that.

I had my PICC removed at the last chemo appointment - but only because I had a blood clot and am on blood thinners. The onc wanted to leave the PICC in in case I got an infection later on, but keeping taking the blood thinners would have delayed surgery.

I had my Hickman line out within a couple of weeks as they needed it out of the way in order to do my surgery. If you are not expecting to need it for anything else then I see no reason why it can’t come out. They can get them out quick when they want to. Maybe they are just waiting for a non urgent slot to do it? I think you are entitled to ask for it to be brought forward or for an explanation of why not. They don’t realise how much we hate the things. Good luck, x

I won’t be having Herceptin so shouldn’t need it after last FEC. Guess it must be in case of infection but I would rather have antibiotics via cannula than keep threport on the off-chance.

Like Pegglass, I had my PICC line removed at my last chemo. I hadn’t asked the onc, so just asked the chemo nurses if they could take it out and they did (while I still had the cold-cap on).
I had used my PiCC line for a/b’s when my husband lovingly shared his man-flu, but the nurses didn’t suggest keeping it just in case. I was just happy not to need the district nurses round any more to flush it and for the skin under the dressing to have a chance of recovering from the excema caused by the dressings.

Myorg port only came out when I had the surgery as it would have been in the way. This was two months after completing chemotherapy. They offered me a local anaesthetic to remove it before but after the trauma of getting it in ported to wait. Good luck x

I had my surgery before chemo so will have to have the local to remove it - the insertion wasnt great and I had an enormous bruise. It has never fully settled so cant wait to get rid of it!

The BCN told me yesterday that 3 weeks is fine, just need to get through the low immune days first as they cut into the skin to remove it.

thanks for all the tips and advice x