When can/will I have children

I’m not sure exactly how this works so giving it a go. I’m 28, was diagnosed with Stage 2 IDC 3mm and DCIS 20mm ER+, HER2+. I had a lumpectomy + SNB back in April (nodes negative and clear margins), radiotherapy July and have started tamoxifen + zoladex. I’m currently on my 2nd month of zoladex.

I was tolerating the tamoxifen pretty well but have had night sweats/hot flushes with the zoladex and having trouble getting to sleep. Just wondered if side effects ease over time?

I’m also struggling with not being able to just have children when I’d like to, that taking medication and waiting two years post surgery is determining this. I feel silly being annoyed as I’m so grateful to still be able to think about planning a family one day, but with all my friends having children I feel like I’m driving myself mad thinking about it. I’m mostly back to normal life, but every now and then I crash with fear and anxieties about it all!!

TJ x

And welcome to the forum.
I can’t offer much advice on having children, as I’m a lot older than you and my kids have grown up. But I just wanted to say that you are still very young, and there is plenty of opportunity later to have children. I had mine at 30 and 33, and I think these days that’s still regarded as young.
I am also taking zoladex and have been for 2 years now. I found that, initially, I felt unwell for a couple of days afterwards, but that has worn off now. I’m also taking letrozole, so it’s hard to work out where the side effects are coming from. But I do struggle with fatigue and bone pain.
I want to send my best wishes and to just say, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to heal.
Sue xx