When can you lift heavy stuff?


I’m 2 months post lumpectomy and 4 days post-rads and do not have lymphoedema or cording. Just wondering when it is safe to start lifting heavier stuff with the arm on the operation side? Things like a large bag of compost for example.


Hi O,I don’t think I was given any advice apart from avoid heavy lifting in first couple of weeks post op (lumpectomy ),may be worth asking the nurses in the Ask the Nurses section.

At RUH Bath we were told not to do any heavy lifting again - lifetime. Also avoid long spells of repetitive actions. This is because the surgery has damaged the lymphatic system both under the arm and around the breast, so puts us at greater risk of lymphoedema, even long after the surgery. Have a look at some of the posts here from people who unfortunately have suffered from lymphoedema before you think you will chance it  Thankfully, I have not suffered lymphoedema and I will do what i have to to minimise the risk. I find ways round, so I do not lift with that arm, there are few things I have to ask for help with.