When did you start using a prosthesis after mastectomy?

Hello ladies , I am looking for some advice regarding prosthesis. Had R/H mastectomy 5 weeks ago and have been using the softie since then on leaving house. BCN has suggested meeting to arrange a prosthesis but I have said i would like to leave it a couple of weeks because I still have pain at the breast bone end of scar - surgeon has left a little “mound” of tissue so that it will act as a cleavage after reconstruction. However, I do find it quite painful when wearing the softie.

When did you start using a more substantial prosthesis ?  Has anyone use the more light weight ones?

I am very busty (38F on remaining boob) and worry that it may be too heavy for comfort.

I am sure you ladies will be able to give me loads of information and advice before I have to meet my slightly fearsome BCN !  Marli x

Hi  I was fitted for a sillicone prosthesis about six weeks after my mastectomy.  I am 38C though the breast nurse advised going a size bigger initially.  I found it very comfortable from the beginning and it feels nice and cool against my skin although usually i wear a pocketed bra.  I find it a lot more comfortable than the softie even though it is heavier.  The fitter said it is the same weight as breast tissue.   It doesn’t move around or ride up like the softie did which used to really annoy me.    I also ordered a swim boob to go in swimming costume which feels a bit lighter but there’s not much in it.   I’ve got a tiny mound left too and it has not been a problem.   I wasn’t completely healed when I had my fitting as I had a second op for lymph nodes removal and I still had some swelling and soreness under my arm but the prosthesis felt fine right away anyway.   I am planning to get a lighter weight one when this one wears out.   I hope you get the right one for you.  It is a matter of trying them on and eventually you will find the perfect fit xx

Hi Marli

I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication for breast prostheses, and hope you find it helpful.  If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to call our helpline, the staff are here to support you.  Calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.


Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi Marli

For the first 6 weeks (right side mastectomy September 2013 ) , I used my previous soft M and S bra with a ‘softie’…I was able to make a slit in the double layer and slide it in.  36E.  Then I had my first prosthesis fitted(although I think there should be a better word-it sounds so clinical!), suddenly my confidence was boosted and when I looked in the mirror I felt pretty good. And I didn’t feel lopsided any more.

Some weeks later I felt a nipple would be good for tight-fitted things and it was quite a funny event to have a special delivery of this tiny package by Parcelforce…having to sign for it and hoping the postman didn’t know what it was. (NHS paid for this as well).

Over the following year I seemed to shrink both round and in my other side and photos in late 2014 I looked as if everything had slipped.  I decided to make another appointment and treat myself to some new bras with a proper pocket and good support.

I was surprised to go down to a 34D and a smaller breast-form and now I really feel (in the circumstances and disregarding the reason for all this) better to look at breast-wise with clothes on than I have for quite a few years.   

I am 66, quite slender and post menopause my breasts looked enormous.

Sorry this is so long but it might help.  I always undid my bra in the evening and to start with it was very tiring and tender but that does get better.  I decided against reconstruction. 

Good luck with it all