When did your hair come back?

Hi All

I have found some Natural Henna Hair Colour from a company called Ecomaster on tinternet, Write up says it is acceptable for people who have been on Chemo. I finished chemo sept and dyed my hair for Xmas. Covers the grey OK, looks like I have highlights!!

I couldn’t believe my hair had started to grow by the time I had my last chemo (sorry Bird). I looked like one of my brother’s Action Men by the time i had recovered from FEC 6; do you remember that fuzzy head look?.

If it is any consolation I still don’t have very good eyebrows, and I am doubting whether I will ever get my pubic hair back, still feel like a ten year old naked (apologies if that is too much information…)

My hair started to come back after EC #3 but is now falling out again on Taxol #2 along with eyebrows and lashes which had previously made a courageous effort to stay attached. Then again I don’t miss leg, arm hair or bikini waxing :wink:


Hair is starting to grow a bit. My head is certainly very fluffy!! Not total coverage though - still quite patchy. It seems to be growing more on the back and sides than the top. Hair is beginning to come back on arms and legs too - but only very fine baby hair - which is fine by me. Can’t say I miss stubbly legs!!!

I was watching a program with elephants in last night and there was this adorable baby elephant and I have to say that my head resembles the baby elephants head!!! LOL!!! My husband thinks I look like the confused.com singing ad girl cuz I have a few very long bits of hair that stick up!! LMAO! Hence the profile photo.